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(Dorothy J. Martinson?)
c. 31 / 32 is born
50s resides in Woodland Hills
February 54 columnist Frank Morris reports: "Proving that there are still opportunities in Hollywood for ambitious girls with talent, 22-year-old Dorothy Martinson, who registered at Central Casting for only four days, won a speaking part in A Star is Born..."
July 54 is voted "Miss Most-Beautiful-Legs-in-Hollywood"
promotes Bill Baker's new contour lawn chair
October 54 studio publicity tells: "Dorothy Martinson, 22 and with platinum blonde hair, is another of the eager ten. Dorothy was a housewife, living quietly in Woodland Hills, 25 miles from Hollywood. She wanted to help the family exchequer so she traipsed to Central Casting and registered. Three days later Dorothy was called to work as a dress extra, in formal evening clothes, on the A Star is Born set. One hour after that director George Cukor had singled her out in the mob and given her a role dialogue playing a friend of Judy's."
April 55 is presented among the modern Mack Sennett beauties on the Universal-International lot. Other beauties in the upcoming Abbott & Costello Meet the Keystone Kops are Barbara Jones, Beverly Snyder, Margaret Eubank, Peggy Gordon, and Doris Barton.
May 56 being "No Plane Jane," she promotes Aviation Week in Las Vegas, Nevada, held from June 4 to 10
October 57 columnist Walter Winchell knows: "The Walter Kane-Dorothy Martinson idyll is the envy of the Hollywood can't-stay-together-set..."
March 64 she, Velvet Manning and Katherine Crawford grace an episode of "Destry"
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