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37 is born in Budapest, Hungary, to a Jewish father and a Catholic mother
? her father is killed by the Nazis
? her mother changes the family name to Kennedi
? is one of 20 winners from 6,000 entrants in a nationwide folk-dancing competition
Early 50s is the dancing star of a Hungarian movie
c. 55 marries Hungarian architect Roy Schmidt at age 17
56 during the Hungarian Revolution, she and her husband, who support the Freedom Fighters, are forced to flee to Austria
c. 56 / 57 her daughter, Linda Marie, is born
60 goes with her husband to Hollywood. A family in San Diego sponsors her entry into the States.
she and Schmidt separate
? opens and operates her own delicatessen in Hollywood
? James H. Nicholson, president of American International Pictures, changes her last name to Six. She fights that name for days because she thinks it sounds too much like sex.
February 61 columnist Earl Wilson writes: Sexy Eva Six, current girlfriend of wealthy Dick Cowell is rehearsing here for the new French farce, In One Bed, for producers Zev Burfman and Stan Seiden. Her lover in the show: Jules Munchin...”
December 62 columnist Harrison Carroll reports from the set of Operation Bikini: “The girls who’ll do the ‘nude’ bathing scene are Eva Six, a voluptuous Hungarian actress in a black wig, and two Oriental beauties, Lan Nam Tuttle and Alishi Li...”
January 63 she and her husband are reported on trial separation
Carroll’s back to her: “One of the girls getting a lot of masculine attention at the Lederer party was Eva Six, voluptuous Hungarian beauty who dated Mickey Hargitay during his separation from Jayne Mansfield. Eva’s escort at the party was New York’s Phil Bruns. Recently, Eva made her Hollywood film debut as a South Sea charmer in Operation Bikini.”
February 63 is chosen “Miss Golden Globe” by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association
Early April 63 accompanies columnist Earl Wilson and his wife to Luchow’s and the Latin Quarter
April 63 columnist Walter Winchell thinks that “Somebody oughta tell Tab Hunter and Eva Six, lovers in Operation Bikini, that the film was finished two months ago...”
Winchell knows: “Zsa Zsa Gabor and Eva Six of Operation Bikini are positive Don’t lovites to the same Hungarian Goulash. (Such blunt remarks!)...”
Wilson reports her back from Rome saying Mickey Hargitay is doing a cowboy movie there and doing his own stunts. “De poor boy is all black and blue.”
May 63 brings her young daughter to the Malibu Beach set of Beach Party
columnist Dorothy Kilgallen reports her consoling Mickey Hargitay, crushed by Jayne Mansfield’s Mexican divorce
July 63 she and Frankie Avalon clash on the Beach Party set, "over scene-stealing...”
columnist Mike Connolly reports: “Eva Six emerged from that dunking she got in the Beverly Hills Hotel poolside party to publicize her new movie, Beach Party, looking like one of those Model A taxis that fought in the first Battle of the Marne...”
August 63 is noted at Bob Roth’s dinner table at the St. Anthony. Others in the round are Sam Jaffe, Bettye Ackerman, Stu Erwin, and June Collyer.
September 63 is on the cover of Modern Man
is American International Pictures’ good will gal at the Venice Film Festival
November 63 is off to Puerto Rico to open a Sheraton Hotel
Wilson writes: “Dick Cowell reports that busty Eva Six - ‘my love’ - jetted back to H’wood...”
December 63 is on the cover of Er
January 64 is tagged a friend of “Brownie” McLean
Wilson asks: “Is socialite Standard Oil heir Dick Cowell marrying Eva Six, the busty Hungarian actress?...”
22 February 64 is hospitalized in Miami Beach after her car slams into a light pole. Two teenagers found her sprawled across the steering wheel of her car. She is listed in fair condition at the Victoria Hospital.
End February 64 leaves the farce In One Bed and will be succeeded by Greta Thyssen
May 64 Connolly tells: “Eva Six, sticking to her no-nude-posing stance despite the hefty dough offered her by Playboy magazine, has agreed to pose for a nude statue by Joseph 'Sepy' Dubronyi, the sculptor whose previous subjects include Anita Ekberg, Brigitte Bardot, and Ava Gardner. BUT - she’ll wear a swimsuit.”
June 64 is noted dancing at a Hollywood discotheque with Bullets Durgom
December 64 says that “a very rich man wants to marry her, and he’s from ‘Dollars, Texas.’ She means Dallas...”
February 65 says Mickey Hargitay wants her to co-star with him in a western to be filmed in Rome
March 65 is reportedly invited to do a tour of her native Budapest on TV if the BBC can get a pass behind the Iron Curtain
25 November 66 a Budapest, Hungary, court sentences her to pay a fine of about $290 for careless driving. A four-month jail term is suspended for three years. She allegedly injured a motorcyclist when swerving her car suddenly into traffic from a parking spot.
November 70 columnist Ray Cromley writes “Certainly wish Eva Six would marry Gregory Peck. That would make her Eva Six Peck...”
00s dies in Hungary
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