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c. 37 is born in Boston, Massachusetts
? is raised in Long Beach, California
? graduates from Long Beach Polytechnic High School
? is discovered in a high school play in Long Beach and given her first part on TV's "On Trial" opposite Joseph Cotton
March 55 will be tested by 20th Century-Fox
July 56 is reported going steady with Tab Hunter
August 56 might accept the offer to play Ethel Merman’s daughter in Broadway’s Happy Hunting
November 56 Tab Hunter gives her a fur stole
December 56 is a foursome with Tab Hunter and Tony Perkins and his fair lady, Norma Moore. "These evenings she's often dated by Tab."
February 57 resides in Long Beach, California
April 57 is reported "happy for singing Tab Hunter"
September 57 is signed by producer Richard Ney for his upcoming Portofino. "She auditioned for him in the lobby of the Beverly Hills hotel singing three songs..."
58 Silver Screen tags her "an old flame of Tab Hunter"
Summer 58 stars as Lola in Damn Yankees at the Music Circus in Lambertville, New Jersey
? is understudy to Gwen Verdon in Redhead
c. July 59 marries child actor-turned-CBS executive Ronnie Liss
Summer 59 plays Daisy Mae in Li’l Abner at the Music Circus in Lambertville, New Jersey
September 60 is scheduled to open in The Hero in New York in January
entertains at a sales meeting of the Lone Star Gas Company and Caloric Appliance Corporation in Abilene, Texas
August 63 is Irma La Douce at the Music Circus in Lambertville, New Jersey
60s is married to Peter Jones
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