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1 / 7 November 45 is born in Edmonton, Canada, to Wayne and Tillie Adams, an American father and a Canadian mother
? is raised in Burbank, California
? attends school in Burbank
? attends Valley State College and starts modeling
? works as a head legal secretary to Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Alfred Panessa
December 63 is crowned “Miss Photogenic” in Burbank, California
14 December 63 representing Burbank, she's among 13 finalists in the first annual "Queen of Queens" beauty tournament held in Las Vegas, Nevada. The others are Edy Williams, Encino, California; Glynda Quinn, Pasadena, Texas; Marilyn Tyndall, Hollywood, California; Penny Holland, Los Angeles, California; Pamela Sims, Inglewood, California; Rita Wilson, Foulton, Kentucky; Carolyn Joyner, Shreveport, Kansas; Raquel Welch, Hollywood, California; Madeline Mack, Pacoima, Los Angeles, California; Kay Devault, Metropolis, Illinois; Connie Downey; and Margo Spinker, Elgin, Illinois.
? hosts a teenage fair, where she is spotted by a talent scout who arranges an interview with Ozzie Nelson
April 64 studies at the MGM drama school in Hollywood
May 64 she and fellow starlets Pat Priest and Linda Evans pose with Richard Chamberlain for an upcoming “Dr. Kildare” segment
July 64 she and Dan Busby are a twosome at the big party thrown by Judy Howard and Jim DeMarco for Burt Gilmore, heir to the Warick Hotel chain
December 64 columnist Dorothy Kilgallen writes: “George Montgomery’s latest beautiful date is Beverly Adams, a Hollywood blonde...”
? dates Sandy Koufax
March 65 columnist Mike Connolly knows: “Beverly Adams, a beautiful new Columbia Pictures contractee, gets set by Sam Spiegel to get chased by Marlon Brando in The Chase and that’s some chase...”
June 65 attends the official opening of Gazzarri’s Hollywood a Go Go room with Jim Mitchum
July 65 columnist Rona Barrett reports that Beverly will play a character named Treasure Chest in an upcoming “Gidget” segment. “Too bad she looks like an ironing board.”
December 65 films Birds Do It at Ivan Tor’s studio in Miami
66 together with Dan Rowan, Dick Martin, Chris Noel and Eileen O’Neill, she visits a veterans hospital in San Francisco. This experience changes Chris Noel’s life forever, seeing firsthand the devastation of war.
April 66 columnist Harrison Carroll tells that she and singer P. J. Proby are seeing each other again
June 66 advertises for Coppertone
August 66 she and Soupy Sales promote their movie Birds Do It at the Cum-Park Plaza shopping center
? she and Dean Martin campaign for Democrat Pat Brown against Ronald Reagan
December 66 will report to London for a starring part in Torture Garden
? for the filming of Torture Garden, she and fellow actress Barbara Ewing have their hair done by Vidal Sassoon. Beverly will end up marrying Vidal.
22 December 66 secretly becomes engaged to British hair stylist Vidal Sassoon
31 December 66 interviewed at Sassoon’s London apartment, she tells the press that they will marry by the end of January or early February. She says she met him while she was having her hair done at his Bond Street salon.
16 February 67 marries Sassoon in a brief civil ceremony in Las Vegas, Nevada. He’s 29; she’s 21. Sassoon was previously married to his London receptionist, Elaine Wood.
April 67 columnist Walter Winchell notes her and Sassoon in identical crew-cuts at L’Etoile
June 67 columnist Sheila Graham tells: “Before her marriage to hair stylist Vidal Sassoon, American actress Beverly Adams had stayed with the Justin Gilberts in their Westminster flat. When she married, she left some of her things with them, including a hair dryer. She won’t be needing it with her husband doing her hair...”
March 68 promotes full-color wall murals in local newspapers
May 68 her husband is expected to spend much of his time in the Unites States, where he and Beverly “expect to have their first child this summer. They have just rented an apartment in New York.”
25 June 68 she and Sassoon celebrate the publication of his book Sorry I Kept You Waiting, Madam at Arthur’s in New York
3 September 68 her daughter Catya is born in New York City. She will become a model and an actress.
February 69 she and Sassoon are reported planning a Mr. & Mrs. TV show
January 70 her son, Elan B., is born. He will become a producer.
March 70 her husband opens his first California salon in Beverly Hills
February 73 accompanies Sassoon to the opening of his first San Francisco salon. They stay at the Stanford Court Hotel. She expects her third child in June.
19 June 73 her daughter Eden is born
September 75 she and Sassoon will be the permanent hosts of a local KCOP talk show
? the Sassoons adopt a fourth child, Oley, who’s background is part Oriental and part black. He will become a director.
May 76 she and her husband publish A Year of Beauty and Health with Simon and Schuster
January 77 attends the inaugural parties in a strapless LaVetta ball gown made of more than two dozen red satin scarves printed in a black feather design
May 79 files for divorce from Sassoon
June 80 she and TV actor Erik Estrada are romantically linked after his separation from his wife
November 80 surprises Hollywood when seen around town with actor Erik Estrada. “Beverly Sassoon has always been known for her class and somewhat conservative nature, which is something Erik isn’t exactly famous for.”
December 80 accompanies Estrada to Los Angeles Superior Court, where he gets his divorce from his wife, Joyce Miller Estrada, who is ten years his senior.
friends of Estrada expect him to marry her. “Erik is over the moon about Beverly,” confides a close friend of Estrada‘s. And Beverly admits: “Yes, we talked about marriage.”
28 January 81 divorces Sassoon in Los Angeles. He will remarry in November 1983.
February 81 the press tells that she will forfeit $30,000 a month in generous alimony from Sassoon when she marries Estrada
February 82 she and Estrada are said to have set the wedding date for March 6
columnist Suzy tells that Beverly has switched from Erik Estrada to Alan Austin, who operates a successful Los Angeles beauty salon
June 82 tells Suzy that her year-and-a-half romance with Estrada caused her to develop an ulcer for which she was hospitalized. “Erik was most generous to me,” she says. “He was lavish in his presents of jewelry, including a diamond engagement ring. I didn’t return any of the gifts - they are memories.” Suzy adds: “As soon as their engagement was canceled, Beverly’s ulcer went away.”
22 December 86 marries Antonio L. Migoni in El Paso, Texas. He’s 42; she’s 41.
October 90 puts her home on the edge of Beverly Hills on the market for $1.15 million. “Ms. Sassoon plans a move to a nearby condo.”
1 January 02 after attending a New Year’s party at a friend’s house, her daughter Catya suffers a fatal heart attack in her sleep in her Hollywood home from an overdose of Ecstasy
? marries Philip Mark Neal
06 as Beverly G. Sassoon, she resides in Beverly Hills
November 22 is featured in Classic Images
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