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(Peggy E. Creel)
c. 30 is born
? hails from St. Petersburg, Florida
7 March 47 marries Robert L. Creel. He’s about 19; she, about 17. He will become an air conditioning engineer.
c. 48 her first daughter is born
51 is crowned “Miss Central Florida”
11 September 51 is third runner-up to Penny Duncan at the “Miss America” contest held in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Afterwards contest officials, actor Wendell Corey among them, say Peggy received more votes than the winner.
? St. Petersburg’s Major Samuel G. Johnson demands an immediate and official repolling of the judges in the contest
17 September 51 New Jersey Governor Alfred Driscoll orders an investigation of the “Miss America” contest
c. 53 her second daughter is born
8 August 55 she and Creel separate
October 55 the press heralds her among “Hollywood’s new discoveries. A native of Georgia, Miss Creel was ‘discovered’ when her picture appeared in the society page of a Los Angeles newspaper...”
December 55 is a dancer at Ciro’s. Her address is 4415 1/2 Woodman Avenue, Sherman Oaks.
29 December 55 is granted a divorce from Creel testifying he left her for weeks at a time without telling her where he was going. She tells Superior Judge Burnett Wolfson she was only taking $1 a month alimony because she expected to continue her career. Under a property settlement she will receive a $30 a week support for their two daughters, ages 7 and 2.
May 56 she and Sy Devore and Valerie Allen and Mack Gray are a foursome at Patti Page’s Cocoanut Grove opening
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