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July 46 columnist Dorothy Kilgallen notes her as a dancer at LaConga
columnist Walter Winchell reports: “Lee Trent and Jacqueline Fontaine are among the July-terms. She’s at La Conga, and he’s in Tidbits of ‘46 which debuts tonight at the Plymouth...”
January 51 Mickey Rooney will get her as the other woman in The Strip. “She’s from Billy Gray’s Band Box"
August 52 performs with Jack Carson at the Sahati’s Country Club Casino, in Stateline, Nevada
March 55 entertaining the contestants at one of Bing Crosby’s Pebble Beach golf tournaments, she’s cast for his upcoming movie, The Country Girl
February 60 shares top billing with comedian Lenny Kent at the Casino Lounge of the Mapes Hotel
December 62 starts with Buddy Lester at New Facks
? is a big hit at the Losers Club in Hollywood
April 65 performs at the Jamaica Room of the West Valley Bowl
September 65 performs at Sunset Boulevard’s Key Club
August 68 joins the Duke Mitchell songfest as a regular
May 71 is in the Aladdin’s Funny Farm
August 72 the local press writes: “Jacqueline Fontaine has put on a little weight and lost a little vocal range, but her coterie of fans seemed to enjoy every note as she sang several torchy numbers in the lounge of the new Nine Thousand.”
November 73 hailed “the performer’s performer,” she performs at the Fire and Flame in North Hollywood
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