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(Dorothy E. / W. Quackenbush)
22 June 15 is born in Portland, Oregon, to Guy G. and Ethel E. Quackenbush, nee Shields
20 the Quackenbushes reside in Salem, Oregon
38 wins fame as a hostess model for TWA when crowned “Miss American Aviation” in Birmingham, Alabama
39 is chosen as one of the ten most beautiful models in the country by photographers in New York
c. 39 is guest of honor at the “Miss America” pageant in Atlantic City
June 39 is signed to a Hollywood contract
January 40 is hailed the “Most Kissed Girl in Hollywood“
June 40 columnist Louella Parsons reveals: “Wanda McKay is dividing her time between Marshall Duffield and John Howard...”
March 41 columnist John Truesdell reports: “Hedy Lamarr and Wanda McKay, the Paramount starlet, are drawing straws for John Howard...”
June 41 shows a lot of interest in John Howard
? marries Ben Roscoe
November 41 columnist Jimmy Fiedler knows: “The Ben Roscoes (Wanda McKay) are on Sgt. Stork’s list...”
10 December 41 her son, Richard Wallace, is born in Los Angeles
? divorces Roscoe
May 57 is noted at the Gourmet Beverly with Paul Ellis, ex-admirer of Joy Windsor
August 65 becomes a grandmother for a second time
January 77 is reported traveling with her boyfriend, songwriter-actor Hoagy Carmichael
20 May 77 marries Howard W., “Hoagy,” Carmichael in Palm Springs, California. He’s 77; she’s 61. The press gives her age as 52.
27 December 81 becomes the widow of Carmichael, who dies at age 82 of heart ailment at the Eisenhower Memorial Center in Rancho Mirage, California
11 April 96 as Dorothy McKay Carmichael, she dies at age 80 in Rancho Mirage, California, of cancer
? is interred at the Garden of Honor, Columbarium of Courage, niche G1228, Forest Lawn Memorial Park , Glendale, California
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