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(Helen F. Coutts)
5 July 25 is born in Alameda, California, to Warren L. and Francella O. Coutts
c. 28 her brother, Warren I., is born
30 the Coutts reside in Salt Lake City, Utah
? attends school in Alameda, California
July 48 columnist Jimmy Fiedler thinks “it looks serious between Mickey Rooney and M'liss McClure. She invited him up to San Francisco to meet her relatives...”
August 48 columnist Erskine Johnson tells: “M’liss McClure’s papa is trying to break up her romance with Mickey Rooney. It’s another chapter in his real life problems - Papa vs. Andy Hardy!”
fellow newcomer Jean Roberts, a.k.a. Meg McClure, is officially christened Meg Randall by Universal-International to not infer with M’liss
September 48 is Jimmy Lydon’s new romance. They are seen very often at the Beverly Tropics.
October 48 is reported living in a hotel at 1626 North Vine Street, Hollywood 28, California, where no pets are allowed. The press tells that a Florida fan sent her a baby alligator.
her parents reside at 4355 Everett Avenue, Oakland, California
January 49 columnist Louella Parsons tells: “New romantic item at the Windsor for dinner, M’liss McClure and Huntington Hartford...”
? the press tags her M’liss “The Foot” McClure because she wears a size 3 shoe
? meets Hollywood jeweler Marvin Finch on a blind date
16 February 49 she and 33-year Finch apply for a wedding license
17 February 49 announces in Hollywood that she will marry Finch on March 3, her parents’ silver wedding anniversary, at their Berkeley home
3 March 49 marries Marvin A. Finch in an informal ceremony at the First Congressional Church in Oakland. He’s 33; she’s 23. She’s given in marriage by her father.
June 49 columnist Erskine Johnson reveals: “Marriage of M’liss McClure (who almost married Mickey Rooney) and Marvin Finch is on thin ice....”
August 49 is elected “Miss Heavenly Peach” by 4,000 cannery workers in Fullerton, California. The press pictures her lounging comfortably in a fuzzy bed of peaches.
c. 22 August 49 she and Finch separate
30 August 49 declares in Hollywood: “ Marvin and I separated eight days ago. It’s unpleasant but it’s the only course to take. I’m leaving tomorrow for a visit to my grandmother in Salt Lake City. When I come back Marvin and I will talk things over. I’m sure the separation will lead to a divorce, but I haven’t as yet consulted an attorney.”
? her marriage to Finch is annulled
October 49 is reported taking singing lessons in preparation for an upcoming test at 20th Century-Fox
Early 50s is one of the models in the brochure “How to Look Lovely While Expecting.“ The others are Joan Dineen, a prominent West Coast model; Joyce Niven, prominent West Coast model; and Lillian Kassan, selected by Look magazine as the "American Look."
January 50 poses with Elisa, a Los Angeles milk-producing champion cow
June 50 Jimmy Fidler ponders: “I can’t help believing M’liss McClure would get further in her quest for screen success without the trick first name...”
August 50 columnist Jack Lait knows: “M’liss McClure, often reported romancing with Peter Lawford, seen repeatedly with Jonie Tapps these eves...”
October 50 columnist Frank Morris writes: “M’liss McClure admits that her name is funny and that a press agent thought it up, but it got her a job at Monogram...”
c. early October 52 marries Dr. Harry Samuel Rothschild in Las Vegas. He’s 43; she’s about 27.
July 53 columnist Harrison Carroll knows: “M’liss McClure’s soon-to-be ex-mate, Harry Rothschild, is dating Marian Carr, blond beauty who worked in The World for Ransom...”
August 53 is noted with Harry Rothschild at Ciro’s to see Katherine Dunham
her husband buys the Bill Perivergs’ beautiful Beverly Hills mansion
November 53 Carroll returns to her: “M'liss McClure and her husband Harry Rothschild were back together at Ciro’s. They have reconciled and she has dismissed her divorce case. ‘And this time,’ she says, ‘it will be forever and ever.’”
4 January 54 she and Rothschild separate
Early February 54 in Santa Monica Superior Court, she asks to oust her husband from their Beverly Hills home. She charges the oil man not only refused to leave the house but tried to make her leave. She says he threatened her and she fears for her safety. She estimates Rothschild’s income at $240,000 a year and asks $32,325 a month as temporary alimony.
12 February 54 she and Rothschild sign an agreement by which they will live in separate parts of their $185,000 Beverly Hills mansion until her divorce suit comes up for hearing on February 19. Neither is to molest the other.
19 February 54 divorces Rothschild in Santa Monica Superior Court on testimony he was wildly jealous of her telling Superior Judge Orlando H. Rhodes the oil man’s “baseless jealousy” wrecked their marriage and caused her to lose 18 pounds. Rothschild, who doesn’t appear, withdraws a cross complaint. Under a financial settlement she will receive $110,000.
December 64 columnist Harrison Carroll reports: “Harry Rothschild won’t answer my calls but I hear from close friends that he and actress M’liss McClure have separated...”
? divorces Rothschild. He will marry 31-year-old Allyson A. Schwab in 1969 and die at age 93 in 2003 in Santa Ana, California.
? marries Vincent V. Fotre
January 67 the Bill Joneses honor her and Fotre with a honeymoon dinner party at Olvera Street’s El Paseo restaurant
December 70 divorces Fotre in Los Angeles. He will die at age 74 in Beverly Hills.
? as M’liss L. Fotre, she resides in Palm Desert, California
4 October 13 dies after a two-month illness from throat cancer at age 88 in Palm Desert, California. Her last words are: “I don't want to go this way..., I am not ready to leave yet..., Not this way...,God, let me make it through this, I will make it through and will fight this monster inside me!”
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