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(Misty Rose Thornton)
1 June 52 is born near San Gabriel, California, in the city of Glendora, of Norwegian and Cherokee descent, the daughter of a mechanic
? attends high school in Glendora
? works as a telephone operator and a waitress in Glendora
? rooms at the Hollywood Studio Club for a year and a half
? takes acting lessons
? attends the Pasadena Playhouse on a scholarship
? buys her first home at age 21
March 69 is among the 60 contestants of ABC’s International Bikini-Sports Competition in Rosarito, Mexico
70 is crowned “Miss Miniskirt”
is elected “Miss Radiant Radish”
? is named “Miss Wahini Bikini,“ winning $1,500
? competes in the “Miss Los Angeles County” pageant
June 72 she and fellow starlets Marianne Gordon and Anne Randall are the “lovely faces” added to “Hee Haw”
October 75 columnist Earl Wilson reports that she “sometimes gets romantic with David Blake, a British film distributor based here...”
? attends the world premiere of Goodbye, Norma Jean in Atlanta, Georgia
May 76 Earl Wilson returns to her: “The Marilyn Monroe look-alike, Misty Rowe, in Goodbye, Norma Jean, has had agent offers from Kurt Frings, who was MM’s agent...”
19 September 76 is off to London, England, to promote Goodbye, Norma Jean, posing on a skateboard and at Heathrow Airport
October 76 publicizes her new ABC series “When Things Were Rotten” in New York
16 October 79 is hospitalized at Donelson Hospital, Nashville, Tennessee, in fair condition after an automobile accident. She is admitted to the surgical-intensive care unit with chest injuries.
1 January 80 she and fellow “Hee Haw” girls Lisa Todd, Gunilla Hutton, and Mackenzie Colt ride in the city of Montebello’s Tournament of Roses float
4 June 86 marries TV actor James P. DePaiva. He’s 5 years her junior.
? moves with her husband to New York City so that he can join the cast of “One Life to Live”
? after three years on “One Life to Live,” her husband gives up his role, and they return to her original home in the Los Angeles area
January 90 she and DePaiva expect their first child in June
August 91 she, Gunilla Hutton, and Marianne Rogers leave “Hee Haw”
2 July 92 her daughter Dreama Marie is born in Los Angeles
? divorces DePaiva, who will marry his former “One Life to Live” co-star Kassie Wesley in 1996
7 October 01 marries TV producer-director Joseph D. Ligier
11 January 03 stars in and directs Always, Patsy Cline, the hit musical at the Tropicana in Atlantic City
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