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(Gillian M. Vaughan)
13 May is born in Surrey, England
? starts training at The Sylvia Bryant Stage School at age 4
? attends convent school
? joins the International Ballet Company at age 10
56 is chosen to dance at the wedding of Grace Kelly & Prince Rainier
? tours Spain, Italy, Germany, Portugal, and Switzerland
? performs on TV before being headhunted by Richard Hatton, agent for Sean Connery, who persuades her to start an acting career
25 January 58 is on the cover of Picturegoer
? recognition comes with a leading light comedy role in The Kensington Squares by Sony Hale at the Westminster Theater
? is engaged to actor Stewart Granger
Early 62 marries virtually unknown music hall entertainer Desmond Bernard “Des” O'Connor in Chelsea
Late 62 her daughter Tracy Jane is born in London
64 her daughter Samantha is born in London
? retires from the screen
c. 82 divorces O’Connor, who will remarry in 1985
12 writes her autobiography In One Leap
Gillian O’Connor,
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