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(Jane N. Wolberg)
c. 38 is born in Mount Vernon, New York, the daughter of international businessman/producer Sidney Wolberg/Jerry Wald and his wife Beatrice, an artist
? enrolls at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts
? declines to pose for Playboy
? invited by her friend Barbara Steele to the 20th Century-Fox commissary, she’s discovered by an independent producer
September 62 columnist Dorothy Kilgallen knows: “Mickey Hargitay, currently estranged from Jayne Mansfield, is dating Jane Wald...”
October 62 columnist Harrison Carroll reports: “Jane Wald, who came to Corky Hale’s cocktail party with a group of friends, including Skip Ward, told me she probably won’t be seeing Mickey Hargitay anymore. ‘I like Mickey a lot,’ she says, ‘but I just can’t get mixed up in all the confusion between him and Jayne Mansfield.’”
Early November 62 once again has quiet dinners with Hargitay
Mid-November 62 is noted on Hartitay’s local TV show
January 63 is signed to do her third beer-drinking stint in a TV commercial for Bohemian Beer
columnist Earl Wilson reveals: “While back with Mickey Hargitay, Jayne Mansfield’s showing off pictures of her Italian sweetie, Enrico Bomba, while Mickey’s phoning Jane Wald....”
21 April 63 marries writer William L. Driskill, the ex of singer Joan Dixon, in Los Angeles. He’s 33; she’s 23.
October 63 it is announced that she will be queen of the Salton City 500-Mile Boat Race, held November 8 to 10 at Salton Sea, where she will crown the winners of the $22,000 marathon
64 Roger Smith, the ex of Victoria Shaw, starts dating her after he ruined his longtime marriage to Shaw with his co-star Kathy Nolan while touring with Sunday in New York
May 64 is noted at Dan Busby’s swinging cocktail party, held at the home of attorney Harry Weiss, with Harvey Bright
July 64 consoles Warren Beatty during Leslie Caron’s London confabs with her estranged husband, Peter Hall
columnist Mike Connolly tells: “Mickey Hargitay, unhappy again with Jayne Mansfield, phoned some lovin’ Glorious 4th of July greetings to Jane Wald...”
September 64 columnist Dorothy Kilgallen heralds: “Jane Wald interrupted her publicity junket in New York for Dear Brigitte for a real publicity break - although it was doing it the hard way. She flew back to the West Coast after getting word that her house had been burglarized...”
October 64 is pictured posing in an artificial snow set on the 20th Century-Fox lot in Hollywood; it’s used for winter segments of “Peyton Place”
Early February 65 columnist Harrison Carroll writes: “Quite a tense moment at La Scala. Jane Wald was dining with producer Arthur Jacobs and director Serge Bourgnigon when in walked her estranged husband, writer Bill Driskill, with Desiree Sumara, who just divorced Barry Sullivan. Don’t know if they all were aware of the situation but they curtsily didn’t speak. Incidentally, I hear that some of Jane’s close-ups (shots of her bare back) will be chopped from the final version of Dear Brigitte.”
Mid-February 65 Walter Winchell pens: “CBS executive James Aubrey’s rating with actress Jane Wald is enviable...”
June 65 dates Max Baer, Jr.
attends Jack Jones' opening at the Cocoanut Grove with Max Baer, Jr.
August 65 is seen at the Entre Nous with Max Baer, Jr.
December 65 attends David May’s party with Paul Raffles
23 September 67 marries Lieutenant Joseph F. Antonoff of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Office in Los Angeles. He’s 31; she’s 29.
6 August 69 her son Joseph J. is born in Los Angeles
June 70 columnist Dorothy Manners tells that Jane expects twins
18 October 70 her son John D. is born in Los Angeles
21 June 74 her daughter Jennifer W. is born in Los Angeles
20 November 69 divorces Antonoff in Los Angeles
07 as Jane N. Antonoff, she resides in Pacific Palisades / Los Angeles and travels the world
22 lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado
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