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20 October 27 is born in New York City
? attends P.S. 51 in upper Manhattan
? is nicknamed Midge by her friends
? studies theatrical arts
January 49 models a hat of White China goose to promote a poultry show at Madison Square Garden in New York City
June 50 columnist Earl Wilson writes: “Midge Ware’s one of the Riviera cuties being tested by Universal-International...”
Early October 50 columnist Harrison Carroll knows: “Scott Brady and U-I’s Midge Ware work a new combination at the Tallyho...”
she and fellow starlets Bridget Carr and Jean Mills are “three new faces signed to movie contracts in Hollywood”
October 50 the press reports from Universal-International's school for young players in Hollywood: “Still in kindergarten, so to speak are Midge Ware and Dixie Nelson. The school’s newest students, they haven’t had parts yet...”
August 51 is pictured providing aid in Florida’s mosquito plague
January 52 poses with two Sardinian midget donkeys before they are shipped “via air express to their owner, movie maker Walt Disney”
September 53 columnist Dorothy Kilgallen reports Midge and Arthur Batanides a duet at Armando’s
October 53 is named “the girl with the trimmest torso” in New York
columnist Walter Winchell reports: “Looks like wedding ding-dongs for Midge Ware of 5th Season and the stage mgr of the new Shirley Booth play...”
November 53 columnist Earl Wilson knows: “Midge Ware of TV and The 5th Season figured out that the season many modern girls can’t keep husbands is - they don’t care enough...”
January 54 columnist Walter Winchell reveals: “The gal with the mask on the Esquire cover is Midge Ware of The 5th Season...”
July 54 Winchell returns to her: “That good-looker in the No-Cal subway adverts is Midge Ware of 5th Season...”
? marries actor Arthur Batanides
September 58 columnist Harrison Carroll reports that she and Batanides have dated the stork
5 February 59 her daughter Leslie A. is born in Los Angeles
27 October 61 her son, Jason, is born in Los Angeles
? divorces Batanides, who will marry Anne M. Rasmusson in 1967 and die at age 76 in 2000 in Los Angeles
9 July 65 marries TV writer-producer Paul David Moessinger. He’s 35; she’s 37.
4 February 69 her daughter Amy E. is born in Los Angeles
? divorces Moessinger, who will marry actress Jeri Taylor in 1986
? as Midge W. Moessinger, she resides in the Los Angeles area
3 June 20 dies at age 92
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