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(Ernest Heinrich Emrich Stauffer)
2 May 09 is born in Murten, Switzerland
15 August 35 arrives in New York from Hamburg, Germany, aboard the Reliance
22 September 35 arrives in New York from Nassau, Bermuda, aboard the Reliance
39 arrives in Hollywood
28 April 41 with Marie Louise Munn, he arrives in New York from Lisbon, Portugal, aboard the Exeter
July 41 columnist Dorothy Kilgallen reports from Gotham: “Lillian Harvey, Viennese star of the silent films, and Teddy Stauffer, former maestro at the Palace Hotel in Switzerland, are a heart today here...”
November 43 might marry Peggy Stack, estranged wife of Jimmy Stack, when her divorce becomes final
c. 44 meets his upcoming wife Hedy Lamarr in Mexico City
April 46 columnist Dorothy Manners writes: “Chatter in Hollywood: Faith Dorn, the belle one time rumored engaged to Howard Hughes, has been married since January 28 to orchestra leader Ted Stauffer. They were married at the San Diego county courthouse - and the reason the news didn’t get out is because Faith took out the license under her real name, Faith Domergue...”
August 46 is pictured chatting with Errol Flynn and his wife Nora in Santa Monica “as Flynn’s $200,000 schooner, Zaga, is readied for an expedition cruise off the Central and South American coasts. Stauffer will accompany the party as a cameraman.”
June 47 Louella Parsons tells that Rita Hayworth “has seen a great deal of Ted Stauffer, former band leader and estranged husband of Faith Dorn...”
July 47 Jimmy Fidler tells: “No wallflower was Rita Hayworth while she waited for David Niven to finish his picture so that he could join her in London. Far from it, Rita was dashing about on the French Riviera on the arm of Ted Stauffer, who recently separated from Faith Domergue, the new Howard Hughes discovery...”
October 47 gets divorced by Faith Domergue, who marries director Hugo Fregonese a few hours after her Mexican papers are signed
7 November 47 Faith Domergue tells the Hollywood press that she obtained a Juarez, Mexico, divorce from Teddy but would establish residence shortly in Nevada preparatory to asking an American decree
November 47 is seen at Ciro’s with Rita Hayworth
c. February 48 is re-divorced by Faith in New Mexico
October 48 columnist Hedda Hopper reports: “Teddy Stauffer, manager of the Casablanca Hotel in Acapulco, and friend of Rita Hayworth, Orson Welles and many of our Hollywood stars, was shot at five times by the owner of a fleet of fishing boats. The shooting occurred in the hotel lobby, but all the bullets went wild as Teddy ducked under his desk. The assailant is now in the Acapulco jail...”
c. 49 opens the Club La Perla, his first nightclub in Acapulco
c. May 51 Hedy Lamarr falls for him while visiting his Acapulco nightclub
12 June 51 he and Hedy obtain a marriage license at the Santa Monica branch of the county clerk’s office
marries Hedy Lamarr at the Santa Monica home of Superior Judge Stanley Mosk. He gives his age as 42; she, as 35. He's reported associated with former New York capitalist A. C. Blumenthal. Afterwards, they leave for Carmel, California.
25 June 51 after honeymooning in northern California, he arrives with Hedy in San Francisco to sell her personal belongings, including wedding rings from three previous marriages and a wardrobe of expensive gowns and lingerie. “Just call me Mrs. Stauffer,” she tells reporters. “I’ve lived. I’ve seen and done so many things. A woman should make a clean break with her past.”
Early August 51 as unofficial hostess at his nightclub resort, she reportedly snubs Ava Gardner and Frank Sinatra during their romantic Acapulco vacation. “Despite his wife’s frosty attitude, Miss Lamarr’s husband, nightspot owner Teddy Stauffer, put on a special early morning show for then Hollywood lovebirds, with a torch-carrying diver leaping from the famous La Quebrada cliff into the dark ocean waters 150 feet below.”
? shows Acapulco to Gene Tierney
Early February 52 columnist Louella Parsons reveals: “Hedy Lamarr’s soon-to-be-ex, Ted Stauffer, makes no secret of his admiration for Gene Tierney. Hedy left Acapulco for home one day after having a showdown with Stauffer, and the next day pretty Gene arrived at the Mexico resort. She planned to stop over for a day or two before she flew to England to put as many miles between her and Oleg Cassini, as possible. Stauffer turned all his charm on Gene, who was a lonesome gal and ready for just such attention. I don’t know whether she’s left for England or not now, but day before yesterday she and Stauffer were still seeing each other every day and every evening...”
5 February 52 Hedy Lamarr tells the Hollywood press that her marriage to Teddy was “all a mistake” and that she plans to file suit to divorce her husband number 4. Her attorney, William Israel, will prepare her divorce complaint on the grounds of cruelty.
26 February 52 his attorney, Milt Golden, files an answer to Hedy’s suit in Hollywood. Golden says Teddy has “great admiration” for Hedy and was “sorry their marriage did not endure”
17 March 52 Hedy divorces him in Los Angeles Superior Court testifying: “He hit me several times. Last November at the Beverly Hills Hotel he struck me in the face and knocked me against the wall. When I married Ted I moved to Mexico intending to stay there and it was sad to make the decision that we must part. Ted was charming to his patrons, but he was not a good husband. For weeks he would never give me a kind word or a kind deed. He disclaimed all responsibility - and he hit me - several times!” Her testimony is corroborated by her chauffeur, Marvin Neal. Stauffer’s attorney, Milt Golden, asks Judge Thurmond Clarke of Superior Court, to let the record show Stauffer is sorry his marriage came to an end and that he did not want the gates closed against a possible reconciliation.
April 52 Harrison Carroll reports that in Acapulco Teddy took Gary Cooper’s daughter Maria to her first bullfight and she met famed matador Carlos Arruza
August 52 is noted “back from Mexico with Hedy Lamarr at the Captain’s Table...”
December 52 flies “a load of American chorus cuties to Acapulco to appear at his nightclub”
June 53 Walter Winchell heralds: “Hedy Lamarr’s ex-husband (Ted Stauffer) is heading for a Pratt fall in Acapulco. (She’s nightclub star Elsa Pratt.)”
July 54 is reported “running an escort service in Mexico City...”
Late March 55 marries Ann Nekel Brown, “daughter of the U. S. liquor tycoon,” in the champagne room of La Perla Cafe in Acapulco, Mexico. Anne’s the stepdaughter of the president of the National Distillers Corporation. She has been modeling and studying acting in New York.
January 56 Earl Wilson tells that Stauffer “and the former Anne Brown of Miami are divorcing...”
Winchell cites: “Broadwayites back from Acapulco report that Hedy Lamarr’s former husband, Ted Stauffer, who was married again 9 months ago to Ann Brown, has left her. She swallowed 25 pills. Her father is veep of Nat’l Distilleries...”
17 July 56 arrives at New York’s Idlewild Airport from Orly Airport, Paris, France
November 56 is reported the manager and half-owner of La Perla, “living as a gay bachelor in a Swiss chalet-type home overlooking the entrance to the bay.” He’s also the champion tennis player of the Mexican state of Guerrero.
February 57 his ex, Ann Brown, is seen in Palm Springs with millionaire Michael Butler
4 February 57 is among the celebrity guests of the wedding of Elizabeth Taylor and producer Mike Todd at the Acapulco estate of former president Miguel Aleman. Cantinflas provides surprise fireworks. Eddie Fisher and Cantinflas are best men.
21 May 57 arrives at New York’s Idlewild Airport from Mexico City
26 May 57 marries Hamburg, Germany-born Ute O. Weller at the estate of Albert J. Lippman in Shrewsbury, New Jersey. Ute is in charge of Pan American Airway’s airline hostesses in Germany. Errol Flynn is best man. The wedding is performed by Mayor J. Lester Rigby of New Shrewsbury.
June 57 Cholly Knickerbocker notes him at El Morocco “with his brand new bride - his fourth - the former Ute Weller of Hamburg, Germany. Errol Flynn, in a new role as best man, was still tagging along.”
April 58 is interviewed in connection with the murder of Johnny Stompanato by Lana Turner’s daughter, Cheryl. As the manager of Villa Vera, where Lana and Stompanato stayed, he says that she “appeared worried in comparison to earlier visits.”
December 58 Dorothy Kilgallen informs: “Actress Margaret Binns is back in New York after a sojourn in Mexico, and Ted Stauffer, once married to Hedy Lamarr, is telephoning from Acapulco and wiring her flowers...”
January 59 is expected to marry “Italy’s pint-sized sculptress Silvana De Possier”
is reported romancing Pat Gaston, ex-wife of Tommy Manville
? marries Patricia Morgan, a fashion model
19 April 62 his daughter, Melinda M., is born in Los Angeles
November 62 a bulletin from Harrison Carroll: “Here from Acapulco, Teddy Stauffer said he and his wife, Pat Morgan, are facing complications, but haven’t separated. Pat and the baby have been with her parents for the last six weeks.”
March 63 is reported back in Mexico having “asked his sixth wife to leave and take their 10-month-old baby...”
April 63 columnist Mike Connolly knows: “Pat Morgan and Teddy Stauffer, though still on the rocks, arrived from Acapulco simultaneously to celebrate the first birthday of their daughter Melinda....”
Carroll discloses: “The latest marriage of Acapulco host Ted Stauffer is finished. His wife, Pat Morgan, is back here with their year-old daughter, Melinda. She tells me she will sue for divorce in Mexico later. I hear that Ted, once wed to Hedy Lamarr and Faith Domergue, has been seeing New York model Linda Jones...”
May 63 is ordered to pay $450 a month support to Patricia Morgan, pending outcome of her separate maintenance suit
May 65 Pat Morgan is reported dating William Holden
December 65 celebrates his 16th year with the canyon divers
April 66 Carroll relates from the Bistro: “Teddy Stauffer (“Mr. Acapulco”) was with estranged wife Pat Morgan and their daughter. At the next table was Teddy’s ex-wife, Faith Domergue, with Florence Marly. Friendly conversation between the two parties...”
6 December 66 is divorced by Morgan. He’s ordered to pay $230 a month alimony for a year and child support of $250 monthly for a year and $350 a month thereafter for their four-year-old daughter.
Late December 66 columnist Jack O’Brian notes Morgan having actor John Gavin “in tow in Mexico...”
March 68 Harrison Carroll tells: “After having his 5-year-old daughter, Melinda, with him for six weeks, Ted Stauffer (Mr. Acapulco) kept his word and sent the child back to her mother, Ted’s ex-wife, Pat Morgan Stauffer. While the youngster was with Ted, I hear that Pat jetted to East Africa and did research for David Wolper on the documentary films that he and Bill Holden will produce of wild animals in the dark continent...”
June 68 Suzy Knickerbocker tells: “Teddy Stauffer, the white-headed innkeeper who has been an Acapulco fixture for years, stopped off in Madrid for a day en route from Marbella and Gstaad, in his native Switzerland. Teddy’s trying to find a place to buy in Gstaad (a Swiss Acapulco - how nice!) So his beautiful 6-year-old daughter, Melinda, can go to school there. Teddy dined with Pat and Alfredo Cernadas and Nancy Holmes (who was at home in Madrid for one whole day) before dashing off to Baden-Baden to play in a ‘Seniors’ tennis tournament. Dear old Teddy....”
November 68 Pat Morgan is reported selling her Hollywood house and moving to South Laguna
November 69 claims “My beautiful bay of Acapulco is disappearing.” The press tells there are 3,000 hotel rooms under construction “Add to this a half dozen high rise condominiums...”
? opens Acapulco’s first disco, Tequila a Go-Go. With the profits he and his back-of-the-scenes partner, Carl Renstrom, a former fuller brush man from Nebraska, build El Patio, a shopping center.
April 74 expects newlyweds Henry and Nancy Kissinger to stop for “some parties or at least a dinner or two” while honeymooning in Acapulco
March 75 columnist Earl Wilson notes him at the Plaza International Hyatt Regency Hotel lobby in Acapulco. “He built the first Acapulco swimming pool, in ‘46...”
September 76 publishes his memoirs, Forever is a Hell of a Long Time, with Henry Regnery Company The book is dedicated to 113 women he was in love with. His advice: “Never do anything in half-measures!”
Late November 81 a few days after William Holden is found dead in his Santa Monica beach-front apartment, friends of his dismiss reports that he was going to marry “socialite Morgan Stauffer in Africa on New Years Eve
December 81 his ex, Pat Morgan, hits the news by inheriting approximately $50,000, left to her in the will of actor William Holden. Morgan will die at age 55 in 1988 in California.
83 his El Patio is reported a giant shopping center with 32 boutiques, including Gucci’s, and a pair of restaurants
27 August 91 dies at age 81 in Acapulco, Mexico
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