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(Beatrice Sofia Mathilda Peterson)
8 September 14 is born in Astoria / Brooklyn/Long Island, New York, to a middle-class couple
? graduates from John Madison High in Brooklyn
? attends Columbia University for three years, planning to become a dietician
? for three years she is one of John Robert Power’s most famous cover girls while making her debut on Broadway in Set to Music
? is off to London for Transatlantic Rhythm, a musical stage comedy
43 marries assistant-director Jack Voglin. He’s about 39; she’s about 29.
? her son, Donald, is born. He will become a movie director.
47 files for divorce from Voglin
advertises for Cashmere Bouquet
November 47 hits the news when Frank Seltzer Production sues her for $200,000 damages because she refused to start a picture on November 15, in which she is to appear with skirts not shorter than 14 inches from the floor. She insists on sticking to the older style of 20 inches and refuses the “new look.”
February 48 columnist Walter Winchell knows: “Hillary Brooke’s suit for divorce from hubby Jack Voglin, now due for filing, has been held up by the couple’s inability to agree on custody of their German sheep dog!...”
May 48 columnist Erskine Johnson reports: “Agents for Hillary Brooke are battling with Howard Hughes and are threatening lawsuit if Hillary doesn’t get co-star billing for Vendetta, on which she worked for two years…”
columnist Jimmy Fidler reports her romantic with hat designer Jaime Ballard
December 48 columnist Harrison Carroll tells: “After working for three weeks with wild animals in Africa Screams, Hillary Brooke collapsed on the set and had to be sent home to bed…”
January 49 columnist Jimmy Fidler returns to her: “Blue-pencil reports that Hillary Brooke and her recently divorced spouse, Jack Voglin are reconciling: HE is all right, but the current object of his attentions is his first wife, Miss Brooke was his second…”
January 50 columnist Erskine Johnson brings word: “Hillary Brooke and her ex-husband, Alan Shute, just went to work in the same movie, Once Over Lightly. Hillary is the menace and Shute is Rudy Vallee’s stand-in…"
January 51 attends the world premiere of Faith at the First Baptist Church of Van Nuys
March 52 columnist Harrison Carroll reveals: “Those Paris calls for Hillary Brooke are from Jacques Grenter, whom she met lat year in New York…”
July 52 is reported in the running for the role of Jane with Marie Wilson in My Friend Irma
March 53 is seen at the Band Box with director Frank McDonald
September 53 is pictured leaving Los Angeles for movie duty in London
November 53 is reported home from London, “where she made a picture, and several places of the European continent which she toured…”
12 March 60 marries Raymond A. Klune, former general manager and vice-president of MGM, in San Francisco. He’s 55; she 45.
11 December 70 attends the Screen Smart Set-sponsored Christmas world premiere of The Aristocats at the Westwood Village Theater
October 74 the Klunes reside near San Luis Rey Downs
24 September 88 becomes the widow of Klune, who dies at age 84 in Bonsall, California
25 May 99 as Hillary B. Klune, she dies in Bonsall, California, from a blood clot in the lung
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