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(Ahna Marie Nanasi)
6 July 44 is born in Eichstadt, Bavaria, Germany, to Hungarian-born Dr. Louis Nanasi and his wife
48 / 50 she and her parents immigrate to the U.S. under the Displaced Persons Act
? grows up in Bellaire, Ohio
? moves with her parents to California
? attends school in the San Fernando Valley
? studies dancing at the Meglin School
? models in a swing to sell aluminum foil in commercials
c. 60 winds up with a Warner Brothers contract at age 16
April 61 changes her professional name to Anna Capri, in reference to the Isle of Capri
? her parents separate
? attends UCLA for a year
February 62 columnist Harrison Carroll knows: “At another table, 18-year old Warner starlet Anna Capri confided that she is debating whether to marry Dick Patterson. ‘I doubt if I will,’ she said. She was seeking advice from actor Bob Conrad, who was married at 18 and, 10 years later, still is happily wed…”
62 is voted a Hollywood Deb Star
6 December 63 her name is mentioned in the Karyn Kupcinet murder case. Television actor Andrew Prine, former boyfriend of the late Kupcinet, claims he had a date with Anna the night before Karyn was murdered, taking her to a movie theatre.
January 64 columnist Walter Winchell claims that she and singer Jimmy Boyd “are oh-boyd…”
June 64 attends the first celebrity night at Ciro’s La Disc with Jerry Doff
October 65 is noted at the Daisy doing the Watusi with Chance Gentry
Summer 66 studies with Stella Adler in New York
June 67 is seen at Dan Tana’s Italian restaurant with Tino Pollack
December 67 is seen at the Daisy with Dick Bakalyan
June 68 is in an auto accident on her way to Charles Elkin’s ice skating party at the Laurel Plaza rink. She is only shaken up, but her car is a mess.
September 68 is seen at Stefanino’s with Dick Bakalyan
March 70 columnist Ed Sullivan reports: “Zabriskie Point star Rod Taylor may wed Anna Capri…”
August 73 gets a call from her agent in the morning and is on the plane that night for Hong Kong to co-star with Bruce Lee and John Saxon in The Deadly Three. She has “no script and no idea of the part.” In May 2004 previously unseen 8 mm footage shot by her on the Hong Kong set will show up on the Enter the Dragon two-disc special edition.
October 73 is noted with actor Mark Herron at the post-theater party at the Vine Street Playhouse following the premiere of Summer and Smoke, which stars Eve Marie Saint
July 74 her press agent is Michael B. Druxman
00 resides in Los Angeles and makes occasional appearances at local autograph conventions
8 October 01 her father dies at age 81 in Encino, California
19 August 10 dies in a car accident
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