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(Natalia Sagebarth)
32 is born in Uzbekistan, Russia, to George and Valentina Sagebarth, of Russian nobility
42 her parents flee Russia and go to Germaný
? stays for a year in an Austrian quarantine camp
? her family settles in Erlangen, Germany
c. 52 immigrates with her parents to the States, where they settle in Los Angeles
? works in a machine shop in Santa Monica
? marries and settles in San Diego
? is on stage at the Globe Theater in San Diego
? is on the New York stage for a year and half
? divorces
57 is among 21 women competing for a part in Universal-International’s upcoming The Girl in the Kremlin
Early February 57 the press reports: “All that pretty black hair won’t last much longer – Natalie Daryll has volunteered to trade it for a film role. She’ll play a girlfriend of Joseph Stalin in a forthcoming film. It seems the late Soviet dictator shaved the heads of girls who displeased him, and Natalie will play one of them.”
15 February 57 her head is completely shaved for her part in The Girl in the Kremlin
February 57 columnist Aline Mosby interviews her after her spectacular shave for The Secret Diary of Josef Stalin
? as part of the duet Dino & Dina, she cuts a record album in Mexico
? returns from Mexico and marries a second time
? she and her husband reside in Los Angeles
?The Real Girl in the Kremlin: Natalia Daryll" by Bill Geerhart for CONELRAD, The Stars and Stripes, The Odessa American, Syracuse Herald-Journal
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The Real Girl in the Kremlin: Natalia Daryll by Bill Geerhart