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(Tamara Victoria Dubin)
25 / 26 is born in Detroit, Michigan, the last of three children of John and Elizabeth Dubin
? graduates from the Fordson Junior College in Michigan
? sings with the Detroit Light Civic Opera Company
? models in New York
? attends Julliard School of Music in New York
July 45 is signed to long-term contract by Jack L. Warner
March 46 columnist Louella Parsons tells: “the Steve Crane – Paula Drew romance is getting to be worth our attention. Could be she will be Lana Turner’s successor…”
Parsons returns to her: “Steve Crane, who has not concentrated on any girl since parting from Lana, was certainly not bored with Paula Drew at a Beverly restaurant…”
April 46 columnist Sheila Graham reports: “Paula Drew and Robert Tapger are this week’s romantic special…”
December 46 is heralded Walter Wanger’s latest discovery
4 May 49 elopes with renowned Russian-born psychiatrist Dr. Isaac “Ira” Maxim Altshuler to Bowling Green a few days after his divorce from 38-year old Irene K. Altshuler becomes final. He’s 56; Paula’s 23. Altshuler is widely known for his successful treatment of mental patients with music. Altshuler had been her family’s physician, and she's known him since childhood.
? the Altshulers honeymoon in Canada
? she and Altshuler work from their Detroit home on the score of a musical composition that they call "The Victoria Symphony"
Early July 49 Altshuler files for divorce in Detroit after a marriage of 43 days. He claims he gave her money for household expenses and she spent it for something else, he received three-year-old bills from Hollywood shops for things she had bought, and that she spied on him and abused his children from his first marriage – a boy and a girl - by calling them names.
Mid-July 49 files a counter suit for separate maintenance in Detroit accusing him of 1. trying to hypnotize her, 2. attempting to shoot her with a hypodermic needle for experimental purposes, 3. threatening to throw acid at her, 4. knocking her down and kicking her, 5. failing to give her an automobile. Altshuler calls the charges “ridiculous” and a “publicity stunt."
2 August 49 Circuit Judge Frank Fitzgerald denies her $100 weekly temporary alimony when attorney for Altshuler says he cannot afford the payments because alimony to his first wife is up to $350 on his $1,349 weekly income
March 68 Altshuler dies at age 74 in Southfield, Michigan
30 July 19 dies in Toronto, Ontario
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