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17 February 37 is born in Biloxi, Mississippi
? her mother marries attorney J. David Williams
September 57 is crowned “Miss Football” in Berkeley, California
? studies speech and English at the University of Mississippi
? sings in the choir at Brandon Methodist Church in Brandon, Mississippi
9 August 58 is crowned “Miss Mississippi” in the Vicksburg, Mississippi, city auditorium
6 September 58 is crowned “Miss America” in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Joanne Lucille MacDonald, “Miss Iowa,” places second, and Anita Bryant, “Miss Oklahoma,” third. Mary Ann receives the crown from the hands of Marilyn Van Derbur, “Miss America of 1958.” She wins a total of $10,000 in scholarships, $15,000 in clothes, furs, an auto and a television set.
8 September 58 she and her twelve-year-old sister, Sandra, pose at the Park Lane Hotel in New York
21 October 58 cuts the ribbon to mark the formal opening of the expanded 18-story Deposit Guaranty Building in Jackson, Mississippi
August 59 will crown the new “Miss Maryland” at the beauty pageant to be held in Silver Spring, Maryland
7 August 59 crowns Carole Annette Weiler “Miss Ohio” in a beauty pageant held in Mansfield, Ohio
January 60 studies acting with Lee Strasberg
February 60 is a featured singer with the Glenn Miller – Ray McKinley Band on TV’s “Be Our Guest” show
March 60 comedian George de Witt, MC of “Be Our Guest,” has her fired even though he denies it
March 61 is signed to be mistress of ceremonies at the “Miss Vermont” beauty pageant on May 19
April 61 columnist Earl Wilson reports her “in St: Claire’s Hospital, while medics try to learn what’s causing a mysterious fever…”
May 61 Wilson returns to her: “Ex-‘Miss America’ Mary Ann Mobley cancelled summer stock plans – she’ll be recuperating from a mysterious virus for another two months…”
Mid-May 61 Wilson tells that she’s recuperating from mononucleosis
October 61 auditions for Richard Rogers’ No Strings
November 61 will fly to Hollywood for a Warner Brothers screen test
Wilson reports: “Ex-‘Miss America’ Mary Ann Mobley, entering her horse at the Louisiana State Horse Show, writes: ‘This is worse than competing in the ‘Miss America’ contest…”
February 62 graces the Daytona 500 race held at Daytona Beach, Flori
April 62 is expected to do Bye, Bye Birdie in summer stock
July 62 is noted at Sasso’s with Jim Mitchum
21 November 64 is one of ten Stars of Tomorrow at the 12th Annual Deb Star Ball at the Hollywood Palladium
65 is "The Girl from U.N.C.L.E." in the pilot episode, but when the series is filmed, she is replaced by Stefanie Powers
wins the part of April Dancer in “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.” over Ulla Strömstedt
July 65 her wedding with Jim Drury is off and both are dating elsewhere
October 66 the press tells that her dating habits are giving her a “girl around town“ image
24 November 67 marries TV actor Gary Ennis Collins at the Methodist Church in Brandon, Mississippi. He’s 29; she’s 28. More than 400 persons, including Governor and Mrs. Paul Johnson of Mississippi, attend. She wears a floor-length white gown trimmed in lace with a lace veil.
? she and Collins settle in Benedict Canyon, California
12 October 68 her daughter, Mary Clancy, is born in Los Angeles. She will become a TV executive.
13 October 12 becomes the widow of Gary Collins, who dies at age 74 in Biloxi, Mississippi
9 December 14 dies at age 77 in Beverly Hills from breast cancer
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