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Pat DiCicco
Pat DiCicco
(Pasquale John DiCicco)
c. 09 is born to Pasquale and Luigina DiCicco. His first cousin will become producer Albert R. "Cubby" Broccoli of James Bond fame.
? is known as the "Astoria Broccoli King's" son
? is a bootlegger and pimp, frequently described as an "agent," and best known as New York Mob boss Charles “Lucky” Luciano’s right-hand man in Hollywood
? while trying to break into the movies as an agent, he becomes close to actress Thelma Todd
? introduces Todd to Lucky Luciano, with whom she has an affair. She will become DiCicco’s entree to narcotics and gambling in Hollywood.
18 July 32 elopes with Thelma to Prescott, Arizona. They are married by a justice of the peace. The civil ceremony will later be followed by a religious ceremony in Hollywood.
? their marriage quickly degenerates into a series of drunken brawls, one of which results in her having an emergency appendectomy. For consolation, she turns to drinks, drugs, and to director Roland West.
3 March 34 Thelma divorces him on grounds of cruelty and incompatibility
35 when Luciano tries to muscle his way into the operation of Thelma’s Sidewalk Cafe, Todd resists and goes to District Attorney Burton Fitts.
14 December 35 is at the Cafe Trocadero, 8610 Sunset Boulevard, with actress Margaret Lindsay, where his former wife is celebrating with British actor Stanley Lupino and his daughter Ida. A brief spat occurs in which Thelma accuses DiCicco of deliberately humiliating her. Just after midnight DiCicco makes a phone call from the lobby and leaves an hour later with Lindsay.
16 December 35 Thelma is found dead in her car at her home in Pacific Palisades, California. Her death will be officially labeled a suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning. It will be alleged that through DiCicco Thelma became involved with other gangsters, who were moving in on Hollywood, lured by the vast wealth being generated by the movie industry. It is said that the gangsters wanted Thelma’s Sidewalk Cafe, and that Thelma stood up to them while the rest of Hollywood was caving in to their demands.
? introduces his cousin Albert Broccoli to Cary Grant and billionaire Howard Hughes
December 37 is one of the suspects when the Three Stooge’s mentor, Ted Healy, dies from injuries sustained in a bar fight with actor Wallace Beery and DiCicco’s cousin, Albert Broccoli, in the parking lot of the Trocacdero nightclub on the Sunset Strip. Healy had an affair with Thelma Todd after her divorce from DiCicco.
c. 39 introduces aspiring actress Virginia Hill to actor George Raft, who will introduce her to his pal, Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel
28 / 30 December 41 marries 17-year-old heiress Gloria Laura Vanderbilt, whose fortune is estimated at $4.5 million, at the Santa Barbara Mission, California. Gloria’s former escort, actor Bruce Cabot, is best man; actress Carol Marcus is one of her bridesmaids.
42 gets into a vicious argument with Columbia boss Harry Cohn at New York’s fashionable nightspot 21. Shocked patrons hear him scream at Cohn and watch him chase the studio head out of the club and into the street. Later that same evening, DiCicco brutally beats his wife, who also recalls her husband muttering the name "Thelma" over and over and over.
26 January 45 Gloria announces their separation
April 45 Gloria wins a divorce in Reno, Nevada. She cites extreme cruelty. One day later, she marries conductor Leopold Stokowski, a 63-year-old maestro, who is 42 years her senior. In 1956 she will marry director Sidney Lumet.
52 marries starlet Mary Jo Tarola
60 divorces Tarola
? remarries
79? dies
Benny Drinnon, Dusty Sage, Bugsy’s Baby by Andy Edmonds, The Three Stooges: The Triumphs and Tragedies of The Most Popular Comedy Team of All Time,,,
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