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14 January 38 is born in Prata di Pordenone, Italy, to a German-Italian couple
? is a top fashion model at age 16
55 is crowned “Miss Cinema Roma”
16 July 55 attends the Nastri d'Argento award ceremonies in Rome
September 55 columnist Walter Winchell knows: “Joe DiMaggio’s new doll is Giorgia Moll, who flipped over him at first sight in Rome. She’ll be Italy’s next big film star…”
February 57 Joseph Mankiewiz announces that she will play a Vietnamese girl in The Quiet American
June 57 attends Rome’s Foreign Press Club party with Joe DiMaggio
August 57 columnist Lee Mortimer reports: “Italian eyeful Giorgia Moll may come here for the preem of The Quiet American which would make Joe DiMaggio a happy American…”
December 57 the press reports she speaks six languages
January 58 columnist Dorothy Kilgallen reveals: “This week’s most decorative twosome: Mike Mindlin and Italian starlet Giorgia Moll (a no-makeup beauty)…”
Summer 59 meets actor John Barrymore, Jr., during location filming in Yugoslavia
August 59 Mortimer returns to her: “Another Eternal City twosome (for a few hours anyway) is John Barrymore, Jr., and actress Giorgia Moll. (And what a moll!)…”
30 October 59 announces in Rome she will marry John Barrymore, Jr., as soon as his divorce from his estranged wife is final. “John proposed last night and I accepted immediately,” she says in an interview. Barrymore’s 27; she’s 21. Both plan to make Rome her home.
Early January 60 columnist Harrison Carroll reveals: “Nothing worked out in John Drew Barrymore’s attempted reconciliation with Cara Williams in New York. John broke off with his European fiancée, Giorgia Moll, flew to the United States and tried to talk Cara into going back with him. He arrived one day ahead of what would have been their seventh wedding anniversary. ‘I love John for trying,’ Cara tells me on the long distance phone. ‘We talked it over at length. I’ll always have a warm spot for John but I don’t believe that it would be a good move for either of us to reconcile. I’m sure that we just would separate again.’ John will fly back to Rome. Cara will return to Hollywood any day now.”
February 60 tells the press why she broke her engagement: “I want a family life, not a frantic one.”
8 April 60 John Barrymore, Jr., and Cara Williams reconcile in Rome
May 60 attends the Cannes Film Festival
June 60 Barrymore, Jr., hits the news again by professing his love for 20-year-old Italian starlet Gabriella Palazzoli
8 September 60 at 5 a.m., Barrymore, Jr., and three friends show up at her Rome apartment house to ask her to return his engagement ring. She calls the police.
12 September 60 files suit against Barrymore, Jr., in Rome with charges of defamation, violence, and housebreaking
13 September 60 Barrymore, Jr., petitions a Rome court to order her to return his engagement ring. He claims the ring is valuable and should be returned since she broke the engagement.
8 October 60 Barrymore, Jr., and Gabriella Palazzoli are reported cooling off at Rome’s Regina Coeli jail, charged with insulting the police. Gabriella’s father, two of her brothers, and three other Italian youths are also jailed after confronting Barrymore, Jr., on a Rome street about his engagement to Gabriella.
22 October 60 a Rome district attorney accuses Barrymore and his fiancée, Gabriella Palazzoli, of trying to break into Giorgia’s apartment to get back his engagement ring
March 61 columnist Lee Mortimer asks: “Vittorio Gassman and Giorgia Moll?...”
April 61 columnist Dorothy Kilgallen writes: “Giorgia Moll, now in Rome, is the girl most interested in the news stories and pictures of Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio enjoying life together. Giorgia was a favourite of Joe’s for a while and is still fascinated by him…”
Kilgallen reveals: “Vittorio Gassman, who is considered Italy’s leading actor at the moment, has found a new love – film beauty Giorgia Moll…”
May 62 after a series of extensive screen tests at the Warner studios in Burbank, California, she is selected by Morton DaCosta for his upcoming Not on Your Life
March 63 is in New York to promote her Not on Your Life
August 72 is featured bare breasted in the Italian Playmen
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