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19 December 31 is born in Los Angeles, California to Tonezo Sato and Chieko Kyogoku / Koyogoku. Her brother is Koji Sato.
? takes tap and ballet lessons
June 49 graduates from Belmont High School. She briefly attends Los Angeles City College.
? is Jack Cole’s partner in Las Vegas
c. 50 signs with 20th Century-Fox
51 stars in the production of Teahouse of August Moon with Larry Parks and Thomas Coley
August 53 makes her debut on Broadway in Kismet
? becomes a member of the Screen Actors Guild
July 59 columnist Earl Wilson writes: “Marlon Brando’s long-distancing Reiko Sato of Destry…”
August 60 columnist Lee Mortimer knows: “Japanese ecdysiast Reiko Sato, who does that sizzling strip in Allied’s Hell to Eternity, also sizzles with actor Scott Brady…”
? meets Mexican boxer Robes. They plan on becoming professional tap dancers, but Robes dies from a foot fungus infection.
? befriends singer-dancer Alvin Ing
November 61 is featured in 11 Dance
May 62 gets personal coaching from Brando for her part in The Ugly American
? befriends Marlon Brando and Wally Cox
? is Joanne Miyazaki's, a.k.a. Nobuko Miyamoto, mentor
71 meets G. I. Joe writer Larry Hama
12 April 71 performs with the Valentina Oumansky Dramatic Dance Ensemble at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas
? is caretaker on Marlon Brando's private island, Tetiaroa, near Tahiti
? occasionally takes care of Christian Brando. She lives behind Marlon Brando's house in Beverly Hills, California.
December 81 after days of not answering her phone, Marlon Brando flies to her house
19 December 81 as Reiko Sato, she dies in her sleep at age 49 in Los Angeles from an aneurysm. Her body is discovered by Marlon Brando.
? is cremated. Half of her ashes are sent to Marlon Brando's private island; the other half, to a Buddhist temple.
Lancaster Eagle-Gazette, Not Yo' Butterfly by Nobuko Miyamoto, Roger Vergin, Koji Sato, Kumi Sato, Barrie Chase, Larry Hama,
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