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15 March 43 is born in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her aunt is silent film star Mae Busch.
? chooses her stage name impulsively from a book by F. Scott Fitzgerald while she’s at her agent’s office
January 61 promotes special gym equipment for Reba and Bonnie Churchill in local newspapers
February 63 columnist Walter Winchell tells: “They’re getting younger all the time: 19-year old Brenda Scott, tv pretty, has a millionaire mad about her. He’s New York’s Forrest Stewart,II…”
May 63 columnist Sheila Graham knows: “Fabian’s on and off feature TV show ‘Walk Like a Tiger’ is on again. He plays a young killer. And Brenda Scott, his favourite girl, looks likely to be his girl in the picture. Brenda, 19, looks like a young Laraine Day…”
June 63 columnist Mike Connolly writes: “Brenda Scott is hot for Diane Varsi’s old spot in the new ‘Peyton Place’ series at Fox-TV…”
January 65 columnist Harrison Carroll reveals: “Brenda Scott called it off with Ty Hardin and dated Arnie Sugarman…”
March 65 inherits Chad Everett from Chris Noel
June 65 is the lead in TV pilot “Tammy," but Debbie Watson finally gets the role in the series
29 September 65 has to undergo an appendectomy while filming “The Long Hot Summer”
28 December 65 marries the ex of actress Sharon Farrell, Andrew L. Prine, at the Congregational Church in North Hollywood. He’s 29; she’s 22. Actor Nick Clemante is best man and actress Katherine Crawford, Mrs. Frank Price, is matron of honour.
February 66 she and her husband are among the stars attending the opening of the 500-seat Plaza Theater in Long Beach, California
is among the starlets attending the opening of Long Beach’s newest theater, the 500-seat Plaza
March 66 Harrison Carroll returns to her: “Divorced or not, Brenda Scott and Andy Prine were doing the Watusi at the Other Place. She still wears her wedding ring…”
c. April 66 divorces Prine after a marriage of four months
July 66 she and her ex-husband lunch with Barry Sullivan
September 66 Prine is noted stag at the Daisy Club. “His bride, Brenda Scott, is in Honolulu doing a ‘Hawaii 5-O’ segment…”
she and her co-star in “The Road West,” Barry Sullivan, are scheduled to be guest celebrities at the 60th annual Tally-Ho Horse Show and Party on September 17 at the Menlo Circus Club in Atherton
January 67 columnist Dick Kleiner tells: “The towns buzzing about Andy Prine and Brenda Scott, who got divorced, then told friends, so ‘our love would never die’…”
February 67 columnist Earl Wilson knows: “Brenda Scott and Andrew Prine divorced but keep the cool-mod tradition: they still share the same room…”
is reported down with the measles
March 67 lives alone in a cliff-hanger Laurel Canyon home but “fixes dinner there frequently for her estranged husband, Andy Prine.”
May 67 columnist Harrison Carroll says: “Andy Prine will fly from "The Devil’s Brigade" location to join Brenda Scott in Cincinnati, her first visit to her family in eight years. And won’t Brenda join Andy on the Italian location of his movie?...”
June 67 she and Prine are among the celebrities attending the Eye Dog Foundation benefits in Cincinnati, Columbus, and Indianapolis
August 67 she and Prine are among the guests at the Vince Edwards-Linda Foster wedding reception
6 April 68 as Brenda Prine, she remarries Prine in Beverly Hills. He’s 32; she’s 25.
May 68 columnist Walter Winchell reveals: “TV’s Andy Prine and Brenda Scott (who were married and quickly melted two years ago) took out the license to re-wed in Girlywood…”
27 January 69 she and Prine separate again after nine months of marriage
January 69 files for divorce from Prine in Los Angeles
25 March 69 her second divorce from Prine is granted in Los Angeles. She tells Superior Court Judge Thomas C. Yager: “I want children and my husband does not.” Under a settlement Prine will pay her 10 percent of his income for two years and pay a $1,000 owing on her mink coat but keep the family home in Studio City. Her attorney is Robert Thau. Fellow actresses Margaret O’Brien and Irish McCalla divorce on the same day.
June 69 TV columnist Barney Glazer reports her and Prine dating again
December 70 she and Prine will star together in the upcoming Simon
December 71 is featured in Playboy
19 August 73 remarries Prine. He’s 37; she’s 30.
February 76 files for divorce from Prine for a third time in Los Angeles
19 October 78 divorces Prine in Los Angeles. Prine will marry TV actress Heather Lowe in 1986.
21 April 79 marries Dean Hargrove
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