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Phyllis (Marie?) Applegate
21 August 31 / 33 is born in Los Angeles
September 49 columnist Earl Wilson notes her on stage in Ken Murray’s Blackouts
June 50 is on the cover of Eyeful
c. 52 is a Las Vegas showgirl
Winter 52 is screen tested by RKO after Howard Hughes sees photographs of her taken at a Las Vegas revue
c. 53 Hughes summons her to Los Angeles and puts her up at the Westwood Manor
April 53 meets Hughes in Las Vegas. He takes her to the Desert Inn, the Thunderbird, and the Frontier.
August 53 columnist Harrison Carroll reveals: “John Shelton and Lorraine Ludwig had a big bust-up. He was at the Gourmet Beverly with Phyllis Applegate, who has things in common with Jane Russell...”
October 53 columnist Louella Parsons knows: “Donald O’Connor, who was supposed to be out of town on a vacation, walked into the Bandbox night club for Buddy Hackett’s opening with RKO starlet Phyllis Applegate on his arm...”
? is back in Los Angeles for drama lessons with coach Florence Enright. She moves into an apartment in Beverly Hills; Hughes pays the rent.
c. January 54 becomes intimate with Hughes
? Hughes pays her sister’s medical bills
Mid-March 54 is queen of the sixth annual California Hobby Show held in Los Angeles
November 54 Carroll returns to her: “Don’t be surprised if Bob Brunson, once supposed to wed Barbara Whiting, marries actress Phyllis Applegate after the first of the year...”
February 55 Carroll knows: “Things are at the hostile stage between actress Phyllis Applegate and former boyfriend Bob Brunson, who once was engaged to Barbara Whiting. Phyllis says she and Brunson had a big row recently in front of Ciro’s and that he keeps calling her against her wishes. She declares she has consulted an attorney.”
55 her marriage ends her affair with Hughes. They will stay in touch by phone into the Sixties.
October 55 is a model on the “Johnny Carson Show.” The other Carson Cuties are Norma Brooks and Sally Todd.
she and 14 other actresses are chosen as "WAMPAS Baby Stars of 1956" by a group of veteran actors and actresses that includes Ginger Rogers. The others are Roxanne Arlen, Jolene Brand, Donna Cooke, Barbara Hoffman (Eden), Jewell Lain, Barbara Marx, Lita Milan, Norma Nilsson, Ina Poindexter, Violet Rensing, Dawn Richard, Fay Spain, and Delfin Thursday.
March 56 is a model for Picture Scope
October 57 is on the nightclub stage in Reno, Nevada
September 59 plays the Harrah’s in Reno, Nevada, with the Noel Boogs Trio
96 lives in Los Angeles and works for an ophthalmologist
? dies
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