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(Jeanne Laverne Carmen)
4 August 30 is born in Paragould, Arkansas, of Irish, French, and Indian descent to Chris and LaVerne Carmon. She has a twin brother, Don.
August 43 leaves Arkansas at age 13 and, with girlfriend Mary Lou, she makes it to New Orleans
47 becomes a roadhouse waitress, where she’s discovered by singer Sandy Scott, who is touring with Bert Lahr’s Broadway show Burlesque
48 audits for Burlesque and becomes a New York showgirl
49 marries Sandy Scott. He’s 15 years her senior.
returns to New York City and starts modeling
modeling for Jack Redmond’s golf wear, she becomes the world’s first female trick shot golfer
49 Redmond cancels all assignments when failing to land with her
her marriage to Scott is over
50 during an argument with Scott, a stranger offers her a ride to Las Vegas. She accepts. The stranger proves to be mobster John Roselli.
she and Roselli scam unknowing golfers, talking them into betting about her golfing skills. Six months later, Roselli throws one customer who is unwilling to pay from the roof of the Sands.
July 50 the press claims her grandfather was Comanche Chief Quannah Parker
? heads for Hollywood
December 51 claims she supplied the shapely torso for the 1952 Esquire calendars and demands $50,000 in damages from television comic Ken Murray for introducing another girl as the “calendar girl.” The shock of seeing another girl getting the publicity caused her to be ill, to stop working and to file the suit in New York’s Supreme Court.
June 54 as a renowned trick shot golf artist, she is chosen "Miss Potato Chip of 1954"
56 after the filming of The Three Outlaws, she’s off on a private getaway with her boyfriend to Hong Kong, Saigon and Manila
57 doesn’t get along with Mamie Van Doren while filming Untamed Youth
her co-star in Untamed Youth, rock ’n roller Eddie Cochran, chases after her, and she’s nuts about director Howard Koch, but no one gets the other
c. 57 sends a revealing pic of herself to Frank Sinatra. Sinatra answers promptly.
57 during the filming of Too Much Too Soon, co-star Errol Flynn talks her into participating in a wild orgy
June 57 columnist Walter Winchell reveals: “Jeanne Carmen is the latest in H’wood to keep Nicky Hilton and Ed Pauley, Jr., competitors...”
columnist Harrison Carroll knows: “A Texas oil millionaire flew in to attend Jeanne Carmen’s opening in School for Brides. I hear Jeanne’s mother and twin brother, Don, are also in town...”
February 58 columnist Earl Wilson claims her to be an old friend of his
September 58 she and Pete Rugulo are in a large group with Frank Sinatra partying at Dean’s Sunset Strip restaurant
November 58 columnist Earl Wilson reveals: “Jeanne Carmen, who had a brief fling with Frank Sinatra, has gone off to Europe with a zillionaire...”
December 58 Harrison Carroll reports that “Sinatra, in Palm Springs for a fast two days before resuming work on Hole in the Head, found time to see a little of Jeanne Carmen...”
59 at the premiere of The Monster of Piedras Blancas at the State Theatre in Los Angeles, her $300/$350 dress is ripped by approximately 500 kids
January 59 columnist Dorothy Kilgallen knows: “George Capri, who became Marie MacDonald’s fiancé not long ago – without bothering to get a divorce first – is being more conventional this time. The abrogation is being arranged in Las Vegas, and he plans to marry Jeanne Carmen as soon as the papers arrive.”
May 59 Carroll returns to her: “Jeanne Carmen flew down by special plane to date Frank Sinatra in Palm Springs. I hear they were at the dunes in a party with Natalie Wood and R. J. Wagner and the Abe Lipseys...”
June 59 is Frank Sinatra’s date at the Share Boomtown party at the Moulin Rouge. Guests include Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr., and Milton Berle.
60 returns to Frank Sinatra, who complains about his on-again-off-again relationship with Ava Gardner
becomes addicted to sleeping pills, which she takes with champagne
June 61 Carroll knows that “marriage plans have been called off by actress Jeanne Carmen and Hollywood publicist Charles Greene...”
Summer 62 becomes involved in the last days of Marilyn Monroe. Later she will believe Marilyn was murdered.
? connected with the Monroe case, she receives threats on her life by someone named Frank Otash and leaves town
63 moves to Scottsdale, Arizona, and marries a stockbroker. They will have three children, Melinda, Brandon James, and Jade Austin.
c. 70 her daughter Jade is in a car accident at age 15
78 moves to Orange County, California
20 December 07 as Jeanne Carmen, she dies at age 77 in her Irvine, California, home from lymphoma. She is survived by her son, Brandon James, her daughters Melinda Belli and Kellee Jade Campo, and her three grandchildren.
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