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(Shirley Anne Broomfield)
27 June 35/36/38 is born in London
? is raised in a children’s home
? works as a shorthand-typist
? enters a local beauty competition and starts modeling. Her first photos appear in the British Span magazine.
? impresario Bill Watts signs her to an exclusive agreement
? is a TV quiz hostess and later panelist on the “Yakity-Yak” program
56 attends the Variety Club's All Star Gala at the Festival Gardens, London. Stars seen include Julia Arnall, Tonia Bern, Terence Morgan with Peggy Cummins, Derek Bond, George Baker, John Gregson, Belinda Lee, John Pertwee, Kenneth More, Tony Wright, Jeanette Scott, Petula Clark, and Robert Morley.
September 57 is on the cover of Picturegoer
c. 58 signs a seven-year contract with Ealing Films
is at Battersea Pleasure Gardens with pop singer Robert Earl
February 59 is on the cover of Picturegoer
November 62 poses in front of a B-17 to promote The War Lover in New York
64 there are rumors George Chakiris romances her on the set of Kings of the Sun
7 July 67 marries her long-time romance Charles Patrick Colum Henry Crichton-Stuart in London after two postponements. He’s about 29; she’s 32. He’s a British flying instructor and son of the late Lord Patrick Crichton-Stuart.
69 her daughter, Nicola Jane, is born in Hampstead, Greater London
? divorces Crichton-Stuart. He will marry Jennifer A. Collie in 1980 and die at age 62 in July 2001.
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