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17 July 32 is born in Chicago, Illinois, the daughter of songwriter Ray Gilbert
Summer 52 works as a model
October 52 bows at Hollywood’s Mocambo. Performances in Las Vegas, Miami and New York City follow.
November 52 Paramount signs her to a seven-year contract after a week of nightclub singing at the Mocambo
columnist Dorothy Kilgallen reveals: “Greg Bautzer’s crush as we go to press is Joanne Gilbert, the singer at Mocambo...”
December 52 columnist Jimmie Fidler reports: “Las Vegas wolves are built up for a letdown each night when Joanne Gilbert slinks on stage at El Rancho Vegas in skin-tight, black sequin pants and goes into her sexy routine...”
February 53 Kilgallen knows: “It’s SBO for Joanne Gilbert’s opening at Gogi’s tonight. She’s the lush thrush who sings in toreador pants...”
May 53 opens at the Mocambo
is a daily double with gag writer Danny Armold
columnist Louella Parsons heralds: “Joanne Gilbert and Danny Arnold, Paramount scribber, soooo in love they could hardly eat their dinner at the Captain’s Table...”
attends Ella Logan’s opening at the Mocambo with Danny Arnold
July 53 denies “anything serious in her dates with Danny Arnold, who writes for Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis...”
August 53 columnist Harrison Carroll pens: “I doubt if Nicky Hilton realized it but he made Joanne Gilbert very upset sitting with his back to her and talking to Terry Moore during Joanne’s entire second show at Charlie Morrison’s late spot...”
November 53 Charley’s Morrison’s Mocambo has its biggest opening night ever when his protégée, Joan Gilbert, returns for her second engagement at the club
December 53 may be wearing Danny Arnold’s engagement ring, but her father, Ray Gilbert, is deadly opposed to an early marriage
September 54 columnist Walter Winchell reports that she “hastened back to Girlville just to be with newcomer Robert Francis of the Caine mutineers...”
54 “the red ink on the studio books” due to Red Garterscosts her her Paramount contract
March 55 plays the Waldorf-Astoria in New York
June 55 plays with Dan Dailey to a packed Mocambo
is among those coming to the rescue of Charlie Morrison, who will be bedridden for several moths, to fill his Mocambo
advertises for W. T. Grant stores
24 June 55 marries Arnold Danny Rothman, aka Danny Arnold, at the Little Church of the Flowers in Forest Lawn Memorial Park. He’s 30; she’s 22.
December 55 she and Arnold separate after six months of marriage. “She said there is no third person involved, but the two are not getting along and felt a separation would help clarify things. She said they hope the split is only temporary.”
March 56 Winchell knows that the “Joanne Gilbert – Danny Arnold marriage which zagged a little is clicking again...”
16 June 56 files suit for divorce from Arnold in Los Angeles charging cruelty. He’s 31; she’s 23.
6 August 56 her divorce is awarded in Los Angeles court. Arnold will die at age 70 on August 19, 1995.
July 57 tells columnist Earl Wilson in New York that she’s “lonely” and goes to the movies alone
August 57 columnist Dorothy Kilgallen heralds: “Joanne Gilbert, in the process of getting a divorce from Danny Arnold, will try matrimony again over the Labor Day weekend. Groom-to-be is Gene Norman, owner of a Hollywood nightclub....”
May 58 is seen at Jack’s at the Beach with Sean Connery
July 58 the critics think she, “a thin girl,” gave a “thin performance” on CBS’s “A Delicate Affair”
Mid-December 58 marries producer Edward Louis Rissien in London, England. He’s 34; she’s 26.
January 59 loses out on one of the top roles in Ethel Merman’s upcoming Broadway musical, Gypsy
September 63 columnist Earl Wilson tells that “David Merrick introduces Joanne Gilbert as ‘Mrs. Merrick’ now...”
July 64 columnist Dorothy Kilgallen reveals that Joanne has “obtained a quiet divorce from Eddie Rissien in Los Angeles. The groom is an executive with Bing Crosby Productions...”
90 as Joanne B. Gilbert, she resides in Seattle, Washington
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