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28 October 42 is born in Poland / Mingo Junction, Ohio
60 is crowned “Miss Ohio”
July 60 as Kathy Justice, she is disqualified and replaced at the “Miss Universe” contest held in Miami Beach, Florida, when she reveals to pageant authorities she does not meet the contest’s minimum age rule of 18 years
? graduates from Carnegie-Mellon
? studies at the Hubbard Playhouse
Early 66 is discovered by producer Harold Hecht, who notices her in “The Big Valley” and casts her for his upcoming The Way West
October 66 attends Shirley Bassey’s opening at the Cocoanut Grove with Richard Johnson
August 68 tells columnist Dick Kleiner she’s looking for a man “but the pickings in Hollywood are lean!”
? marries James Brown, Jr.
93 as Katherine Justice Brown, she resides in Van Nuys, California
The Edwardsville Intelligencer, The Lima News, Oakland Tribune, The Valley Independent, New Castle News, Playground Daily News,
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