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(Nanette June Leslie)
4 June 26 is born in Los Angeles, California, to Frank M. Leslie and Alma H. Turner
30 lives with her parents in Beverly Hills
41 attends University High School
c. 45 meets actress Gail Davis at RKO; the two will remain lifelong friends
May 46 columnist Jimmie Fidler thinks that she and “Robert Clark, who met while playing brother-and-sister roles in RKO’s Sunset Pass, are about to make it Mr. and Mrs. ...”
Late 40s is in-officially engaged to co-star Tim Holt for a year and a half. He’s in the midst of a divorce at that time.
March 47 is among several actors attending the premieres of RKO’s Trail Street throughout Kansas
c. May 49 secretly marries Charles Pawley, socialite formerly under contract to RKO, in Yuma. He’s about 34; she’s 22.
? divorces Pawley, who will marry actress Susan Cummings in 1962 and die in 1975
September 55 the press photograps her watching her own TV debut on a set in the home of Mr. and Mrs. John J. Hunt
6 May 68 / late 60s marries Albert Jason Coppage
4 January 90 after a long and happy marriage, she becomes the widow of Coppage, who dies at age 69 in San Juan, Capistrano, California
93 resides in Mission Viejo, California
27 July 00 as Nan Coppage, she dies at age 74 in San Juan, Capistrano, California, from pneumonia
Westerns Women by Boyd Magers and Michael G. Fitzgerald, The Atchison Daily Globe, Nevada State Journal, Southtown Economist,
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