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(Sandra Anne Eleen Smith)
26 July 45 is born in Barkshire, England, the daughter of an auto engine manufacturer and professional gambler. Her mother’s a millionaire property developer.
c. 51 her father dies when she’s 6 years old
? grows up in Belgravia, London. The family also has a house at 128 Mount Street, Mayfair, London.
? attends convent schools outside London
? names herself after actress Vivian Leigh
? attends drama school for only two terms
58 debuts as an extra in the Dancing Shoes sequence of Tom Thumb
March 65 producer Hal B. Wallis sees newspaper photos of her attending London’s Opera Ball costumed as Madame Du Barry. That publicity stunt gets her her role in Boeing-Boeing.
June 65 makes her first trip to Hollywood for the filming of Boeing-Boeing
September 66 Wallis signs her for his upcoming Easy Come, Easy Go opposite Elvis Presley
c. 66 her US career hits a snag when the Hollywood and English acting guilds get into a tangle
72 starts a relationship with Luke Edward Timothy Hue Williams, the ex of Angela Mary Hubbard
April 76 her sports car goes out of control and collides with a brick wall. She is hospitalized.
77 Elvis Presley phones her one evening two weeks before his sudden death. “He told me he was in terrible pain and couldn’t breathe properly.”
82 Hue-Williams deserts her when she’s four months pregnant
her daughter, Natalia, is born. Despite positive DNA testing, the baby’s father denies paternity.
90s works as an interior designer, gives etiquette lessons and sells the Encyclopedia Britannica at Heathrow Airport
29 May 99 attends a Hammer Reunion party at Bray
00 publishes her autobiography Paradise, Suzanna Style
11 December 17 dies at age 72 from liver cancer in Winter Garden, Florida
Film Fatales by Tom Lisanti and Louis Paul, I Was a Monster Movie Maker by Tom Weaver, Lebanon Daily News, The Bridgeport Post, Family Weekly, The House That Hammer Built,
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