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17 July 27 / 30 is born in Chicago, Illinois / Indiana of Swedish descent
?-49 is the dancing star of Inside U.S.A., which runs for 339 performances in New York City
August 50 columnist Jack Lait posts: “Mara Lynn, Hal Wallis’ big discovery, and writer Hal Conrad, hers...”
Early 50s becomes a dance director in Las Vegas
March 53 is Red Skelton's partner on a ballet on TV
February 54 columnist Dorothy Kilgallen knows: “The Harold Conrads (she’s actress Mara Lynn) are lullabying a baby boy...”
March 55 is noted dancing “Tribly” on Channel 4
November 55 columnist Earl Wilson promises: “Cheesecake beauty Mara Lynn of Hollywood will wear nothing but three yoyos in The Amazing Adele, the Anita Loos Broadway musical...”
December 55 columnist Walter Winchell says: “Mara Lynn of the new Anita Loos musical (The Amazing Adele) has that show’s associate producer on a yo-yo...”
January 56 Winchell returns to her: “The Amazing Adele backers are debating whether or not to challenge Broadway. Mara Lynn of the cast, a dancer, was the only one to rate a nod from the Variety man at Philly...”
June 56 is on stage in the musical revue What’s the Rush at the Country Playhouse in Fayetteville, New York
January 58 is on the New York stage opposite Jack Warden in The Body Beautiful
February 58 columnist Dorothy Kilgallen tells: “Bob Merrill, composer of the New Girl in Town score, has a new girl – Mara Lynn, the spectacularly built blonde comedienne of The Body Beautiful...
March 58 columnist Earl Wilson adds: “Mara Lynn, dancing doll of Body Beautiful, who was about to marry composer Robert Merrill, swapped him in for Ralph Meeker...”
May 59 Winchell knows: “Mara Lynn of the musicals and her ex-husband (Hal Conrad) are snapping their fingers at the divorce they got sometime ago...”
columnist Lee Mortimer pens: “If you’re wondering what became of Jason Robards, Jr., during the past few weeks, he was busy with Broadway actress Mara Lynn who appeared with him in By Love Possessed...”
c. 60 gives acting lessons to Marilyn Monroe at her New York City apartment for her upcoming part in Let’s Make Love
6 April 88 dies in Freeport, Bahamas
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