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(Herta Padawer)
3 June 32 is born in Vienna, Austria
? is interned in a German concentration camp
45 goes to England as a refugee from Vienna, Austria
? attends art school and then commences her career as a freelance illustrator, augmenting her earnings by modeling
? is given a Rank contract
Early 55 marries Canadian-born singer-actor Lane Charpentier, aka Paul Carpenter, in London. He’s 33, she’s about 22. Carpenter, a six-footer from Montreal, former war correspondent, and hockey player, was first married to Pauline Black, daughter of London impresario George Black. The marriage was dissolved in 1953.
3 November 56 is on the cover of Picturegoer magazine
Early April 58 files a divorce petition against Carpenter in London, naming bosomy showgirl Sabrina as co-respondent. The petition accuses Carpenter of misconduct with Sabrina in the Grand Hotel and in Carpenter’s apartment two years ago. Sabrina and Carpenter promptly deny the misconduct charges. Norma Sykes, aka Sabrina, calls the allegations “ridiculous.” “I know Paul and I know Kim, too,” she says. “I have been a friend of them both for a long time. But I have never ever been out with him alone. I last saw Kim and Paul about 12 months ago. The whole thing is terrible. I have been going into it with my solicitors all day – it is driving me mad.”
? withdraws the suit before it reaches court
14 December 59 a London divorce court orders her to return to Carpenter within 14 days. The court grants a decree for restitution of conjugal rights to Carpenter. Kim doesn’t contest the suit. Her attorney tells the court that she has started divorce proceedings in Nevada.
? divorces Carpenter. He will die at age 42 in 1964 in London.
May 77 as Kim H. Padawer, she divorces Terry J. Howell in San Diego
23 December 10 dies at age 78 in Las Vegas, Nevada
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