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(Sally Irene Rogers)
25 June 43 is born in San Diego, California
? grows up in La Jolla, California
? is a model
28 August 61 as Sally Vining, she’s among the finalists of the “Maid of California” contest, held in Sacramento, California
? is a beauty contest winner and "Miss America" runner-up
1 June 63 as Salli I. Rogers, she marries pre-med student-turning-folk singer Peter Louis Sachse in San Diego. He’s 23; she’s 19.
? works as a bank receptionist when coming to the attention of AIP
64 is discovered auditing for a part in Muscle Beach Party
c. 65 is signed to an AIP?contract and enters their Starburst of Youth Program
April 65 she and fellow AIP starlet Linda Benet pose with Pelican Pete during the filming of How to Stuff a Wild Bikini
66 her co-star in The Wild Angels introduces her to David Crosby. She will become very close with him a couple of years later.
is off to Hong Kong for the filming of The Million Eyes of Su-Muru. Together with Patti Chandler, she stays at the Hilton.
12 July 66 her husband and Philipp G. Bent are killed when their converted World War II training plane crashes 150 feet off-shore while making a series of low passes over Windansea Beach near La Jolla, California. Both were 26. Sachse, who also held a pilot’s license, was a folk singer and composer and employed as a psychologist at the San Fernando Juvenile Faculty at Sylmar. Bent’s widow is fellow AIP actress, Linda Opis Bent. After five days of shooting Su-Muru, she is notified that her husband has been tragically killed in a plane crash. She flies home immediately.
July 67 takes ballet lessons every morning and acting lessons after that. She also studies Eastern philosophies.
Late 60s becomes personal photographer of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young and tours with the band for two years
70s lives the life of an artist in Europe
02 as Salli Vining Sachse, she resides in La Jolla. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master of Psychology and acts in regional theater productions and television commercials.
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