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Joy Langstaff
Joy Langstaff
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(Barbara Joy Langstaff)
20 February 35 is born in Bronson, Iowa, to Archie Raymond Langstaff and Olive Kingsbury
6 December 52 marries Wayne Simpkins
February 53 is featured in Pageant
February 54 lives in Los Angeles, her measurements are 36-24-36
November 54 is featured in See
? her marriage to Simpkins is annulled
is featured in Picture Scope
does a photoshoot with Ron Vogel
February 55 is featured in Show
April 55 is featured in Flip
15 September 56 marries Leo Ellis Little
59 divorces Little. He will remarry.
14 February 60 marries Ralph Elwood Wilderman
64 divorces Wilderman
? marries Stanford Meyer Magidson
67 her son, Scott, is born
70 her daughter, Shana, is born
10 July 78 divorces Magidson
20 as Barbara Joy Fitzgerald, she resides in Forest, Virgina
18 September 22 dies in Forest, Virginia
Cathy Ellis, Pageant, Show, Flip, Los Angeles Times, Valley Times, The Ottawa Citizen, Barbara Wilson: A Brief Q&A by Samuel Clemens,
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