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(Barbara P Benjamin)
10 August 36 is born in New York City, New York
53 is crowned Miss Surfmaid in a contest of 12 women. She wins a fur coat and a two-seater luxury tour of Britain as her prize.
September 53 flies the Atlantic with her father and tours the British Isles as guests of British Railways in celebration of her being crowned Miss Surfmaid
July 55 is one of six Goldwyn Girls ‚ÄĚpicked by Sam Goldwyn, Sr., average age 21. They leave for New York, where they will fan out for personal appearance tours to plug Guys and Dolls. The blondes are Larri Thomas, June Kirby, and Pat Sheehan. The brunettes are Barbara Brent, Madelyn Darrow, and Jann Darlyn."
? is a dancer on The Jackie Gleason Show
10 August 55 columnist Lee Mortimer reports that she is dating actor Marlon Brando
5 January 56 marries David L Horne in Riverside, California
1 April 57 her daughter, Suzan is born
22 September 58 her daughter, Nancy C is born
? divorces Horne
31 December 64 marries actor Robert Duvall in Los Angeles, California
75 divorces Duvall
? marries Fred Marcus
11 February 10 releases her book, Inside Out
18 September 19 as Barbara Duvall Marcus, she dies in New York City
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