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(Doris A. Nowak)
17 June 27 is born in Atlanta, Georgia to Joseph Nowak and Grayce Dobbins
29 her father dies, and she moves with her mother and older sister to Los Angeles, California
37 is chosen to portray Becky Thatcher in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (1938), but a last-minute replacement cost her the part
26 April 38 stars in the stage production of Ancestors Be Damned at the Troupers Club Green Room
? studies drama with Helen Marr Bartlett
1 April 39 stars in the stage production of The Little Princess at the New Broadway-Hollywood
? studies at Columbia University
is featured in Ladies Home Journal
is featured in Redbook
is an Earl Carroll showgirl
marries Dwayne
divorces Dwayne
47 marries Jerome L. Simons in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is an advertising executive.
April 48 her son, Joshua C, is born
June 52 her son, Kenneth R, is born
5 August 55 divorces Simons in Los Angeles, California. She says that "I was a model when we were wed and a real glamour type. He wanted to remodel me into a plain little drudge of a housewife and I just couldn't take it."
8 September 57 marries Merrill Pye, the General Manager of Teevee Film Co whom she met on the set of Vertigo (1958)
27 June 68 acts as exibit coordinator for the Art and French Wine Tasting held at the Occidental Center
? is elected Executive Vice President of the Westwood Village Chamber of Commerce
April 68 divorces Pye
22 January 71 hosts the annual Instillation Dinner at the Beverly Wilshire
? marries James S Porter
27 September 83 is appointed president of the Los Angeles West Chamber of Commerce
7 February 85 says of her mother in an interview with David Ferrell, "She wanted me to be the next Shirley Temple."
92 interviews Representative Anthony Beilenson on Inside LA which she also produces
29 Jan 13 dies in Los Angeles, California
Los Angeles Times, Independent (Long Beach, California), The Tribune, Kenneth Simons, Samuel Clemens
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