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(Marian McCargo)
18 March 32 is born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Graham McCargo and Mary Remington. Her grandfather, Grant McCargo, is a wealthy oil magnate,
November 43 is a debutant
15 February 46 attends the Valentine Cotillion at the Twentieth Century Club
June 49 graduates from Miss Porter's School in Farmington, Connecticut
19 June 49 columnist Paul G. Sullivan reports that "Marian McCargo, top seeded PGC entry and 1948 winner, dropped only one game in dispatching Judy Brainerd..."
17 June 50 is ranked first in the West Penn Junior tennis tournament
15 September 51 marries Richard Cantrell Moses, an advertising executive
? joins the Wightman Cup Team
5 September 52 her son Richard Cantrell is born
April 55 her son Graham McCargo is born
June 56 her son Harry Morgan is born
17 November 59 her son William Remington is born
? studies acting at Ben Bard's Acting School
63 divorces Moses
25 June 66 is featured in TV Times
23 June 67 is featured in Cleveland Press
28 April 68 columnist Dick Kleiner reporters that "Marian Moses... makes Princess Grace look like the checkout girl at the supermarket."
says "I got the idea of acting from my sons, particularly Ricky, the oldest, who is now 16."
11 January 70 columnist Dorothy Manners reports that "Marian McCargo... was born the daughter of a wealthy and social Pittsburgh family, educated at Miss Porter's Finishing School where her classmate was Jacqueline Kennedy, and she dated John F. Kennedy."
70 meets Alphonzo Bell at an eastern prep school that her sons attend
7 November 70 marries Alphonzo Edward Bell Jr., a congressman
March 71 is featured in Films in Review
? stars in the stage production of Dirty Hands at the Gallery Theater
26 September 71 says to columnist Seymour Beubis, "When I act I have a sense of accomplishment. I feel this makes me a better wife and I believe Alphonzo is proud of me too."
28 September 72 speaks about the plight of Jews in USSR at the Sisterhood of Temple Beth Hillel
28 February 75 hosts a special reception for artist Rosemary Calder
? is a last-minute replacement for a role in Forty Carats in Tennessee
? tries out for the role of "Maggie", on Falcon Crest, the mother of "Cole", but is rejected because she looked too old.
7 April 04 dies in Santa Monica, California after battling Pancreatic Cancer
? is interred at Forest Lawn Memorial Park
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