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Lorinne Crawford
Lorinne Crawford
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(Lorinne Carson Crawford)
27 September 12 is born in Des Moines, Iowa to DeWitt and Cora Irene Crawford
34 wins "Queen of the May" at the University of Northern Iowa
meets Bing Crosby, who later casts her in several films
graduates from the University of Northern Iowa with a Bachelor of Arts in Education
35 goes to Hollywood
? models for Vogue magazine
July 38 marries Frederick M Thomas
25 August 39 her daughter, Lileo Tring is born in London, England
22 July 42 her son, Frederick Metcalf is born in Denton County, Texas
4 February 45 her daughter, Patricia Anne is born in Denton County, Texas
? attends the University of Southern California
08 lives in Old Mystic, Connecticut
18 March 10 dies in New London, Connecticut
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