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Julie  Van Zandt
Julie Van Zandt
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(Julie Ann VanZandt)
27 June 29 is born in San Diego, California
? auditions for a role in the road production of Oklahoma!
March 50 stars in the production of High and Dry at the New Horizons Theater
27 March 50 Katherine Von Blon writes of the production of High and Dry that "Julie Van Zandt impressed."
22 September 50 Harrison Carol reports that "at the Mocambo, Julie Van Zandt was showing a big engagement ring and telling that she and Dick Bare will probably be married in a couple of months."
51 marries director Richard L. Bare
30 August 53 her son, Jonathan Randal Bare, is born in Los Angeles
24 January 57 divorces Bare
12 February 58 the Associated Press reports that she is engaged to marry studio executive Robert H Rains after having met two years ago at a film premiere.
14 February 58 marries Robert H Rains
30 October 59 in an interview with Lydia Lane, she says about her role in Zorro "Every time I play this role I have to dye my hair black. I am a do-it-yourself girl, and I usually do my own hair."
18 November 59 divorces Rains
29 August 66 marries Frederick Clemens May
11 January 18 dies in Santa Monica, California
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