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(Foncilla Lorie Adams)
23 August 22 is born in Tillman County, Oklahoma to Paul Wesley Adams and Connie Pearl Blackwood
25 November 40 marries Glenn Noble Jr in Oklahoma County, Oklahoma
14 January 41 divorces Noble in Oklahoma County, Oklahoma
June 42 marries Edward Gerlinger in Las Vegas, Nevada
43 divorces Gerlinger
is a showgirl
? adopts the name "Wesley Brent" for her acting career
May 43 models for Victory Car
7 March 44 marries Georg Von Duuglas-Ittu, an agent and assistant director
May 44 is one of six showgirls tested for contracts at International Pictures
27 October 44 her daughter, Nicholai Jean, is born in Los Angeles, California
10 July 45 The Journal Herald writes that "Lovely Wesley Brent meets all the standards for physical perfection required of chorus girls appearing in George White's Scandals.
16 August 45 is named "Miss No Title" for her lack of pageant titles
14 October 45 The Des Moines Register writes that "Wesley is ultra gorgeous and very young. She's 21 and has REAL (meaning hers) red hair and sea-green eyes. She's 5 feet, 6 inches tall."
14 November 47 sues Ittu for divorce
2 December 47 divorces Ittu in Los Angeles, California. He will later marry actress and model Pat Sheehan.
says of her divorce that Ittu was "tired of being married and wanted to be a bachelor."
6 October 50 marries Robert L Reed at the Hollywood Wedding Chapel
12 September 51 her son, Robert Roark, is born in Los Angeles, California
28 September 79 divorces Reed
8 January 91 dies in Tarzana, California
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