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(Mary Rose Smith)
21 January 31 is born in Tulsa County, Oklahoma to Edward M. Smith and Cora E. Davis. She will have six brothers.
48 marries John Morlas, a veteran and aspiring actor who will later use the name Val Damien
6 May 49 her son, John Robert, is born in Los Angeles
February 51 is featured in Cover Girls Models
is employed as a cigarette girl at Ciro's
15 February 51 her brother Robert says "She (Mary Morlas) has taken one screen test and has been called to take another one, and we all have our fingers crossed."
April 51 is featured in Pageant
? is featured in Today's Woman
February 52 is featured in Pageant
14 May 52 her daughter, Lisa Marie, is born in Los Angeles
27 September 52 is featured in Tit-Bits
53 is signed by producer Howard Hughes, who casts her in Son of Sinbad (1955). Morlas befriends co-star Pat Sheehan during filming.
? divorces Morlas
March 53 is featured in Cover Girl Models
November 53 is featured in How to Photograph Women by Peter Gowland
March 55 is titled "women's consultant" for the 1955 Mobilgas Economy Run
January 54 is featured in Focus
June 58 is featured in Photoplay
May 58 models swimsuits designed by Fernand Lafitte with fellow model Sue Shovers
June 59 is featured in TV Guide
? guest stars in an episode of Surfside 6
24 March 62 is featured in TV Guide
14 July 62 Dorothy Kilgallen reports that Morlas is dating millionaire Jorge Guinle
24 November 62 marries actor Race Gentry
16 August 63 her daughter, Paris Angela, is born
21 July 67 her son, Lincoln Guido, is born
November 69 divorces Gentry
24 May 72 says in an interview with the News-Palladium that "Baby oil is a great aid for the sensitive dry eye area that can begin to show tiny lines at a surprisingly early age..."
July 72 is featured in Hollywood Studio Magazine
29 November 72 is a twosome with Jeffrey Jones
April 73 is reportedly dating Hollywood insider Richard Gully
7 September 77 marries Joseph H Wachter in Los Angeles
10 December 84 divorces Wachter
22 lives in Los Angeles
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