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(May Lewis)
5 May 22 is born in Chicago, Illinois to Leon and Jessica Lewis
14 March 42 stars in the stage production of Johnny 2x4 alongside Leonard Sues at the Long Acre Theater
8 August 42 stars in the stage production of Meet the People at the Stage Door Canteen
14 December 42 entertains at the Navy Street Canteen in Brooklyn, New York
? provides the voice of Chiquita Banana in the brands' commercials
16 January 44 joins The Patsy Flick-Jerry Baker Show at WMCA
14 November 44 appears on the radio show Telephone Quiz with Martin Block and Paul Barron on WGN
11 January 45 columnist Alicia Hart reports that "The minute old interests begin to pall on Monica Lewis, radio's Music That Satisfies star, who spills the secret of her contagious enthusiasm she finds a new activity. To hobbies such as horseback riding and clay-modelling, she has recently added oil painting."
18 June 45 columnist Marion Clyde McCarroll reports that "Monica Lewis finds brief breathing spells at rehearsals useful for foot-relaxing exercises. Above, she does circling routines."
July 45 is sipping cola in a Broadway drugstore with Fay Emerson
25 July 45 columnist Ed Sullivan reports that "Network's Monica Lewis weds Bob Thiele this week..."
27 July 45 marries Bob Thiele, a disc jokey, between broadcasts
21 March 46 is crowned "Top Vocalist" by Signature Records
27 September 47 is featured in The Billboard
29 September 47 columnist Ed Sullivan reports that "the Harvest Moon Ball springboard catapulted Monica Lewis into a Decca Contract."
14 January 48 divorces Thiele on grounds of cruelty
12 April 48 performs a duet with Alan Dale on the Dinah Shore Show
17 April 48 is Vaughn Monroe's guest star on his broadcast at CBS
27 April 48 columnist Hedda Hopper reports that "Martin Block is in New York to do a picture for Paramount on the life of the famous singer, Monica Lewis..."
28 February 49 is featured in an advertisement for Rheingold Beer in the Daily News
9 April 49 entertains at Martell's E. Mignon
11 December 49 is a twosome with Vic Damone at Astor Roof
14 February 50 performs alongside Gene Krupa on Cavalcade of Bands on KTSL
15 February 50 takes over for Jack Eigen at the Copa
? is a twosome with Kirk Douglas
14 March 50 columnist Owen Callin reports that "MGM records has signed Songstress Monica Lewis and Bassist Bob Haggard to recording contracts."
12 April 50 opens at the Mocambo
April 50 tests for the starring role opposite Kirk Douglas in Burning Court
is a twosome with Ted Briskin at Jay's Champagne Room
is crowned "Miss Sweater Girl" by a group of sweater manufacturers
15 April 50 columnist Sheila Graham reports that "Ronald Reagan, all the way from Washington, gifted Monica Lewis with a gold St. Genesius modal for her opening this week at the Mocambo."
19 April 50 says that her night club career is "one neckline test after another"
1 May 50 is a twosome with Cy Howard at the Ming Room
12 May 50 columnist Hedda Hopper reports that "Metro thinks they've got another Lana Turner in Monica Lewis, who's testing for a contract. She's a cute little bundle."
? signs with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer after screen testing wearing an evening gown previously worn by Lana Turner
18 September 50 says of her romance with Cy Howard, "Cy and I reached a point where it could get serious, so I gave him up. I'm anxious to get ahead and I can't have problems."
14 October 50 is unhappy because she has to darken her hair for Excuse My Dust (1951)
September 51 is tested for the starring role in Glory Alley
25 January 52 is featured in Down Beat
7 June 52 columnist Edwin Schallert reports that "Monica Lewis, after more than two years under contract to MGM, has requested and received her release from the agreement. She will become a freelance film player...
16 August 52 says in an interview with Edith Roosevelt that she "won't take nice girl parts anymore..."
14 September 52 is crowned "Miss Leg-o-genic
October 52 is featured in Movieland
January 53 is featured in Preview
53 is featured in Novela Film
55 is engaged to Bill O'Brien
auditions for Rodgers and Hammerstein's musical Pipe Dreams
1 January 56 marries Jennings Lang
58 her son, Rocky is born
? the media hails her career comeback as she stars in various films produced by her husband
74 renews her friendship with Ava Gardner after filming Earthquake (1974)
18 February 82 appears on Good Morning America to promote her album Never Let Me Go
? is represented by Alan Eichler
21 March 07 appears on Jimmy Kimmel Live where she dresses as Chiquita Banana
11 releases her autobiography Hollywood Through My Eyes: The Lives & Loves of a Golden Age Siren
12 June 15 dies in Woodland Hills, California
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Hollywood Through My Eyes by Monica Lewis
Growing Up Hollywood: Tales from the Son of a Hollywood Mogul by Rocky Lang
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