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 Spotlight on Doris Gildart
Spotlight on Doris Gildart
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Spotlight on Doris Gildart
Glamour Girls of the Silver Screen's Quarterly Newsletter (Excerpt)
I am sad to report the death of one of Hollywood’s gorgeous actresses. Doris
Gildart was an actress and model who appeared in numerous movies, television
series, and pictorials throughout the 1950's. Born in 1931, she discovered her love
of acting in 1946 after starring in Let Me Grown Up at John Burroughs's Middle
School. After graduating from Burbank High School, she did regional theater by
starring in the stage production of Grand Guignol at The Playmakers before
modeling apparel. She was a finalist in the Queen of the Valley, Queen of the
Home Show, and Miss Universe pageants. She achieved stardom after being casted
on Jack Bailey's Queen for a Day where she modeled houseware and awarded gifts
to the contestants. She starred alongside Eddie Cantor on the Colgate Comedy
Hour on January 31, 1954, and had a walk-on role in Daddy Long Legs (1955) with
Fred Astaire. In addition to her talents as an actress, she was a generous person as
well. She -in what was a highly-publicized event- raised a lot of money for the
March of Dimes by selling "kisses" for $1. She died in 2021 at the age of 90, and is
survived by her sons Wynn, Vinton, Victor, and Wyatt Wolfe.
Written by Samuel Clemens
December 31, 2021
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