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(Helen Barclay Walsh)
16 March 32 is born in Los Angeles, California to James E. and Mary B. Walsh
? her parents divorce
14 February 47 stars in the stage production of A Dash of Pepper at the Big Bear Theater Group
49 is crowned Snow Princess
graduates from Big Bear High School
? studies drama at Arizona State University
51 is signed to RKO Pictures by Howard Hughes after a representative saw her walking in Palm Springs
May 51 marries David Schonleber, a film cutter
15 December 51 her son, Travis Eric, is born at 7lb 2oz in Burbank, California
53 divorces Schonleber
April 53 stars as Cathy in the stage production of Wuthering Heights at the Showcase Theater
3 April 53 Katherine Von Blon writes that "Judy Walsh as Cathy possessed the fire and emotional flair that the part demanded and managed a moving portrayal."
4 March 54 is engaged to Leo Guild
28 March 54 her sister, Mary Ann Walsh, marries actor Douglas Fowley
30 April 54 marries Leo Guild in Las Vegas, Nevada
28 June 54 Sidney Skolsky reports that "Leo Guild, TV columnist for The Hollywood Reporter, got himself a private channel. Leo surprised his friends and married beautiful Judy Walsh."
5 April 56 her ex-husband gets his hand stuck in their sink while attempting to fix it
21 November 57 marries Raymond O Klein
68 founds The Grange, a ladies boutique in Temecula, California
marries John Moramarco, a winemaker
March 70 her son, Anthony James, is born
23 December 06 dies in Temecula, California
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