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(Patricia Quinn)
20 June 37 is born at the Panama Canal
7 June 65 Bob Thomas reports that "Pat Quinn has been signed for an important role in Sam Spiegel's currently filming production, The Chase (1966) which stars Marlon Brando..."
? lives with actor Richard Bradford
65 is considered for the starring role in The Appaloosa (1966)
? marries Tommy Loeneti
June 67 her son, Caleb M, is born
? marries Barack Briant
? her son Chance is born
25 June 22 is interviewed by Samuel Clemens
Los Angeles Times, Tucson Citizen, People, Classic Images, Pat Quinn
Recommended Books:
Me and Marlon by Alice Marchak
Brando with His Guard Down by Roger C. Vergin
Reiko Sato by Samuel Clemens
Brando by Peter Manso
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