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(Suzanne Marguerite Philips)
8 April 26 is born in Los Angeles, California to Burke and Mildred Philips (nee Hansen)
? graduates from Fairfax High School
43 marries Howard Jerome Casey, who later served in World War II
October 43 her daughter Colleen is born
? performs at USO Camp Shows
? divorces Casey
11 August 46 attends the birthday of Lou Kerner at Ciro's
24 October 46 performs with vocalist Judy Johnson on KECA's Take it From There
31 October 46 columnist Virginia MacPherson reports that "her name is Sue Casey, and she's a red-headed vision of 20 years. She's never seen the nation's capital. And we'll guarantee the capital has never seen anything like her."
March 47 marries Jack Hoffman and plans to retire and become a housewife
? divorces Hoffman
13 April 50 is signed for The Dungeon at the Motion Picture Center studio, where she will play a receptionist. The production will be canceled.
12 August 50 columnist Dorothy Manners reports that "Sue Casey, M-G-M actress, and Johnny Durant, film cutter on the same lot, will be married at the Santa Barbara Mission Sunday. She just finished An American in Paris."
? marries Johnny Durant
25 May 52 raises funds at the 3rd Annual Charity Day BBQ
February 53 her son John Joseph is born
August 53 is crowned T-Venus by the National Broadcasting Company
November 53 is crowned "The Most Beautiful Extra in Pictures" by Raoul Walsh
27 November 53 stars in the stage production of Uncle Charley's Flying Saucer at the Studio Theater
18 December 53 columnist Edwin Schallert reports that "Jonni Paris and Sue Casey have joined Stephanie Griffin as sun bathers in the Alfred Hitchcock production Rear Window at Paramount."
August 55 her son Christopher Kent is born
January 57 her daughter Diane Marie is born
26 February 61 is a cigarette girl at the 22nd consecutive all-star program Charity Ball, hosted by Joe Pasternak
23 February 63 models gowns at the Mardi Gras Fashion Luncheon
17 September 65 columnist Nadine M. Edwards reports that "Sue Casey is the beautiful young stepmother whose emotional appetites resemble those of the Greek Phaedra."
? says of her part in American Beauty (1999) being deleted, "Nobody told me. I brought my son to the premiere and felt so foolish when I realized they deleted our scene"
21 February 19 dies in Los Angeles, California
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