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(Audrey L. Pearlman)
24 June 32 is born in Marseilles, France, to Mr. and Mrs. Pearlman, nee Abrams. Her parents are members of a family of wine merchants.
? is brought to Paterson, New Jersey, during infancy
c. late 32 poses for baby talcum powder cheesecake when 5 / 6 months old
c. 34 makes her New York film debut at two years of age
c. 39 debuts on Broadway with Walter Huston at the age of 7
? appears in concert at Carnegie Hall with a group that includes famous singers. She sings, dances and acts with this group, later touring the States with the company.
c. 40 her parents take her to Hollywood at the age of 8
? graduates from Hollywood High School
War Years tours veteran hospitals
c. 51 studio flacks dig up a picture of her in her birthday suit as a baby model and send it out with a 19-years-later picture of her
is interviewed at Universal-International for a part opposite Audie Murphy in the upcoming The Cimarron Kid. An executive tells her that she is perfect but that she has to sign a contract to get the part. "What," she gasps, "do you think I've been waiting for all my life?"
1 July 51 as a 19-year-old, she gets court approval in Hollywood for a Universal-International film contract that will pay her $1,250 weekly on its final option. She tells Superior Judge Frank G. Swain that although her legal name is Audrey Pearlman, she has used the professional name of Yvette Dugay ever since she was a baby modeling talcum powder and sleepers.
August 51 she and fellow starlet Noreen Michaels are pictured cooling off in a waterfall and pool constructed on a Hollywood studio lot. "As the temperatures soared into the upper 90s, the girls were far more interested in keeping cool than in acting."
September 51 for publicity purposes she and fellow starlets Judith Braun and Cindy Garner enjoy the sunshine near Hollywood. The photo caption tells of "three portions of pulchritude."
October 51 she and Stephan Longstreet, author and director, are guests of honor at a luncheon held in the town hall of Elk Rapids, Michigan. A full program is scheduled for them, including the dedication of a new community war memorial that is erected under the sponsorship of the AMVETS.
December 51 rodeo champ Casey Tibbs buys dinner for her at Ciro's. Casey lost out on RKO's Cowpoke, but director Nick Ray wants him for another film.
6 February 52 gets $250 in an out-of-court settlement of a $100,000 damage suit she brought in Los Angeles against a 35-year-old truck-line owner for attempted rape. She says she settled out of court with Albert Halio because the publicity from attending a court case would hurt her screen career. She asked the damages for assault and battery, charging Halio attempted to rape her in the Hollywood Hills on January 2. Criminal charges against Halio are dismissed.
Mid-July 52 is named "Cantaloupe Girl of the Week" by the festival committee and will be grand marshal at the huge pageant parade at the fifth annual California Cantaloupe Roundup in Firebaugh from July 25 till July 27.
September 52 advertises for Hollywood Bread. The ad heralds her part in Son of Ali Baba.
November 52 columnist Earl Wilson thinks she is one of the loveliest lookers on NBC's "Circle Theater"
? entertains the troupes in Korea
c. July 53 visits Korean casualties in Long Beach, California. Since her tour of GI camps in Korea she has a scar on her leg where she was hit by a bullet. It is quite visible beneath her sheer nylons. "I could cover it with make-up," she explains, "but I'm very proud of it."
September 54 is 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 112 pounds
December 54 she and her little neighbor Bobby promote a giraffe clothes tree for Christmas
January 55 is a NBC television actress advertising a pet dinette
? marries Hal Paiss
28 February 58 her son William C. is born in Los Angeles
19 November 62 her daughter, Madeline J., is born in Los Angeles
5 March 64 her son Matthew D. is born Los Angeles
June 66 divorces Paiss in Los Angeles
24 June 67 marries John F. Sheeley in Los Angeles. He's 35; she's 34.
October 72 divorces Sheeley in Los Angeles
27 August 83 marries Robert C. Anderson in Los Angeles. He's 58; she's 51.
14 October 86 as Yvette D. Anderson, she dies at age 54 in Los Angeles
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