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Gwen Caldwell
Gwen Caldwell
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(Gwendolyn Mae Parks)
27 October 24 is born in Greenville, Mississippi to Maurice G Parks and Josephine Gorman
? her father dies in an automobile accident
? attends Greenville High School
20 July 43 marries Jonathan "Jay" Trumbull Caldwell
? her son, David is born
March 49 is a finalist in the unofficial Miss U.S.A pageant
50 is the recurring scorekeeper on Movietown RSVP on KTLA
November 49 is crowned "The Girl We'd Like Most to Spy On" by the Amateur Detective Society of America
5 April 50 columnist Lloyd Sloan reports that "Lex Barker, who's been alternating between Rhonda Fleming and Arlene Dahl switched to Gwen Caldwell. They were at Perry's last night..."
May 50 is crowned Good Posture Girl by International Chiropractors' Association
April 51 is crowned Miss Safety
28 June 51 columnist Erskine Johnson reports that "now that Martha Vickers has recited it to the divorce court, Mickey Rooney and Gwen Caldwell, the Varga model, are talking about marriage. They've been a steady hush-hush duo for months."
May 52 is featured in Glamorous Models
August 52 is featured in LAFF
28 February 53 is "Girl of the Week" on Hollywood Road to Fame, a television series
53 is signed by RKO Pictures, where she will appear in Son of Sinbad (1955)
December 54 is featured in Sensation
April 55 is featured in Eye
December 55 is featured in Stare
March 56 is featured in U.S Camera
14 August 56 is featured in Picture Week
March 57 is featured in Scope
58 stars in an adult-themed short called Million Dollar Legs
7 February 59 is a twosome with Jerry Heidt at the Ranch Club
17 August 61 columnist Louise Crump reports that "the search for information of Gwen Caldwell has ended. Though the young lady herself has not been located, the New York newspaperman who was seeking information has the name and address of her mother and can now run the beautiful picture with an up-to-date cutline."
? marries Mr. Vanwyck
? marries Mr. Wildman
21 May 2005 dies in Sacramento, California
May 2005 is interred at Camellia Memorial Lawn Cemetery
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