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Judith Jacobson
Judith Jacobson
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(Judith Lee Jacobson)
22 July 33 is born in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin to Gordon and Wilhelmina Jacobson
? attends the University of Wisconsin
? attends the Layton School of Art, Dancing, and Drama
53 Is crowned Miss Cheese by Armour and Co.
is crowned Miss Milwaukee
18 July 53 is crowned Miss Wisconsin, succeeding Jeannie Huston in front of an audience of 1,200 people
29 January 54 visits patients at the Mid-State Polio Center in Louisiana
? lives in Chicago, Illinois
? moves to Rome, Italy
20 June 54 Frances McKusick reports that "Judith Lee Jacobson of Wauwatosa, winner of the Miss Wisconsin beauty title, who arrived in Washington Tuesday, is spending a busy week in the Nation's capitol as a feature of the special Miss Wisconsin Cheese Promotion."
60 is the maid-of-honor at her sister Meredith's wedding
The La Crosse Tribune, The Capital Times, Pageantry by Samuel Clemens and C. Robert Rotter
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