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12 March 33 is born in Carmel, Maine, the daughter of Francis E. and Olivia Newcomb Fahey. Her father is a boat builder in Maine.
? attends Pemetic High School in Southwest Harbor, where she graduates at age 17
May 50 is crowned "Miss Mount Desert Island" in a Bar Harbor, Maine, pageant
52 is a runner-up in the "Miss Maine" contest
? studies with Sanford Meisner, head of the Neighborhood Playhouse
? accompanied by two family friends, Mr. and Mrs. John Butler, she's off to California, where she enrolls at the Pasadena Playhouse.
56 is crowned "Miss Rheingold"
59 director Clifford Odets and acting coach Sandy Meisner want Judith Rawlins for the lead in The Story on Page One, but one of the executives at 20th Century-Fox insists on Myrna
29 April 60 announces her engagement to banker McKenzie Moss II, grandson of the former U.S. assistant secretary of state, for whom he was named. She and Moss say they plan to marry around the Christmas holidays because they want "enough time to take a leisurely honeymoon trip." He’s 30; she’s 27.
May 60 she and fellow actress Jill St. John organize an all-girl, all-actress sports club for the last days of skiing before snow melts at Mammoth Mountain, California
January 61 still dates actor Brian Kelly, ex-escort of June Blair
April 61 dates actor Dwayne Hickman
October 61 reigns as queen of Winter Sports Show, held at Shrine Exposition Hall in Los Angeles
November 61 she and ski pro Tony Kastner are seen rendezwooing at Cavanagh's
December 61 plays Our Lady of Guadalupe for "The Hour of St. Francis," a religious Hollywood television program
September 62 gets skulled by a surfboard in Honolulu, Hawaii, and requires stitches in her scalp
January 63 her friends insist she's interested in baseball legend Joe DiMaggio and vice versa
February 63 she and DiMaggio act semi-serious
September 63 is seen at LaScala with David Niven, Jr., and famed bullfighter Alfredo Leal
June 64 is seen ringsiding with Don Voyne at Kenny Miller’s first Celebrity Night at Ciro’s Le Dive
October 65 is producer Marty Ransohoff's latest film enthusiasm and dates Van Rapoport of The Spindletop
March 67 attends BUILD's annual ice gala at Topanga Plaza Ice Capades Chalet in the San Fernando Valley. Among the guests are Lana Wood, Mark Miller, David Hedison, Barbara Rush and Warren Cowan, and the Jim MacArthurs.
6 May 73 as Myrna E. Fahey, she dies at age 40 at St. Johns Hospital, Santa Monica, California, after a long battle with cancer. She is survived by her father, of Bar Harbor, Maine; her mother, of Beverly Hills, California; and two brothers, Michael, of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Charles, of Mobile, Alabama.
? funeral services are held at the Furnald Funeral Chapel, Mt. Desert
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