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4 October 32 is born in Westchester County, New York, and raised in New York State
c. 46 models bathing suits to pay for dancing lessons at age 14
c. 49 marries young actor Lee Farr at age 17
c. Mid-50 her daughter Denise is born
? does TV commercials in New York. Later she will remember, "I was the Betty Furness type, always opening and closing refrigerators.”
c. 52 is spotted in a television appearance by producer Aubrey Schenck and director Howard W. Koch
? a friend of hers is hostess at DuPar's Restaurant in the Farmer's Market. She becomes sick and asks Felicia if she would take over her job for a week so she won’t lose it. Felicia agrees to do it. There she's discovered by agent Herbert Gold.
? Gold wants to show her around at the studios but helds off until she begins Picnic at The Little Theater. She plays the Kim Novak part and, Columbia Pictures is mightily impressed.
May 55 enters films billed as Randy Farr
July 56 during the filming of The Last Wagon in Sedona, Arizona, a horse steps on her foot; she is wearing a cowboy boot, and nothing happens. Later, when she has to kick co-star Richard Widmark in Indian moccasins, she requires medical treatment.
? meets Jack Lemmon on the Columbia lot, where he's filming Cowboy. She thinks he is the greatest actor in the world. He is recently divorced from TV-actress Cynthia Stone. He nicknames her "Felish" or "Farfel," a Yiddish word for a soup garnish, and takes immediately to her daughter, Denise.
September 56 gets sick and loses her part to Kathy Grant
December 56 Jack Lemmon buys dinner for her at the Villa Capri
February 57 columnist Erskine Johnson reports that after a tiff with Lemmon she's seen on Ralph Meeker's husky arm
July 57 columnist Walter Winchell reports that Jack Lemmon is on fire for her
October 57 becomes a steady duo with Jack Lemmon. She breaks a toe by stubbing it on a door, but attends a big premiere with him anyway.
September 57 during her personal appearance tour, the Jack Lemmon phone calls come in with "faithful monotony"
October 57 is borrowed from Columbia's Harry Cohn for Onionhead
December 58 she and Janet Leigh like the gowns made for their husbands, Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis, for Some Like It Hot so much that they have copies made for themselves
59 dines out with Jack Lemmon and his mother
March 59 receives transatlantic phone calls from Lemmon, who's currently in Europe. She's the girl he left behind.
October 59 is still the number one girl for Jack Lemmon
February 60 on the set of The Apartment, Lemmon tells columnist Harrison Carroll that he and Felicia are still an item, "but we haven't talked of marriage yet."
4 April 60 attends the 32nd annual Academy Awards shindig in a pink satin gown decorated with thousands of hand-sewn beads
September 60 she and Lemmon are seen at the Spindletop
October 60 goes to New York for rehearsals for the "Family Classics" TV series, which starts with "The Three Musketeers." Her co-stars are Maximilian Schell and Vincent Price. While in New York, she's expected to attend the opening of Face of a Hero, starring Jack Lemmon.
December 60 columnist Walter Winchell reports that she and Lemmon are in a cool-off period again
is pictured fencing with Joan Tetzel during a TV rehearsal in Hollywood
62 accompanies her husband to Paris for the filming of Irma La Douce
Mid-August 62 she and Lemmon call the whole thing off. He takes off to Paris to do a picture, leaving her in Hollywood. During a stopover in New York, he phones her and they have a three-hour conversation that ends with agreeing: "This is silly. We love each other. Let's go ahead and get married."
is expected to marry Lemmon after finishing a "Ben Casey" TV segment
16 August 62 she and Lemmon throw an engagement party in Paris. Among the guests are Mrs. Peter Lawford and Mrs. Stephen Smith, two of President Kennedy's sisters; Tony Perkins; Kim Novak; and Mel Ferrer and his wife, Audrey Hepburn.
17 August 62 marries Lemmon in the executive office of the Mayor of Paris, George Haslin. The ceremony is performed by the mayor. Lemmon's 37; she's 29. Billy Wilder and Richard Quine serve as best men.
7 January 66 her daughter Courtney Noel is born. Director Billy Wilder is the godfather.
19 February 75 celebrates husband Jack Lemmon's 50th birthday with a party in New York
27 June 01 becomes the widow of Lemmon, who dies at age 76 in Los Angeles of cancer
05 as Felicia F. Lemmon, she resides in the Los Angeles aera
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